SUV versus sedan drag race here. Both cars have all wheel drive and both have twin turbo powerplants. The difference being the RS6 has a larger 5.2 liter V10 motor with twin turbos (and it weighs less) versus the X6M S63 twin turbo 4.4 liter V8. The RS6 features a tune from PP-Performance said to bring it up over 700 horsepower and the Racechip tune on the X6M is stated to put it in the 590 crank horsepower range.

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The X6M uses launch control and gets a nice jump from a stop showing just how potent these M SUV's are as drag racers. The RS6's power quickly takes over though and it just puts bus lengths on the X6M up top hustling to about 270 km/h or roughly 167 miles per hour.

These videos remind those of us in the USA what a shame it is that the C6 RS6 never made it to these shores.