It seems Audi has been giving the new RS6 to various automotive press outlets to test lately. Auto Bild compared it to the new E63 AMG S 4Matic wagon. AutoExpress did a horrible drag race video also against the new E63 AMG wagon although the rear wheel drive version. EVO even compared the RS6 to the Nissan GT-R in a well done drag race. So now here come the French journalists choosing to compare the big German super wagon to... a lightweight British track toy.

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Make sense? Not really. One is a 4265 pound twin turbo V8 wagon and the other is a featherlight 1156 pound four cylinder track toy. But who cares? A drag race is a drag race and they at least include some data.

The RS6 does the sprint in 12.1 seconds (no trap speeds, mind boggling how so many Europeans don't seem to understand how to properly show drag race data) and the Caterham in a respectable 12.7. That .6 second difference is huge as you can see in the video. This is simply a victory of sheer muscle.