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    Exclamation ERIC DICKERSON = SCAMMER = Banned Twice from Bimmerpost = WATCH OUT IN YOUR DEALINGS

    Forum moderators & admins: Please hear this out as my only concern here is to protect the integrity of the forums and protect its members. In the interest of justice and for the integrity of this forum that I have grown to love as well as the people on it I felt I had a duty to bring this to your attention. Moderators and Admins I respect you, this forum and the rules. People need to be made aware of this before they fall victim to him. If you’re unsure just read the first few lines. They are a bit harsh but the person we are dealing with here is a cancer the type that preys on communities like ours, and others who may not be as fortunate. Please log his IP and activity for authorities and examination for banishment I think might be appropriate.

    Primary sources of dispute:

    wouldn't be surprised if he conveniently sold the first link to slip out - UPDATE - He did just that.

    Is he a scammer?:


    Where to even begin... There’s so much to talk about Diecast, Eric, or is it Eric Dickerson?

    Incase you're too simple minded or your conscience is far enough misplaced to see how much of a disgrace and worthless example of a human being you are I invite everyone to visit the following For Eric Dickerson:

    For everyone else of my fellow bona fide board members:

    Forgive the typos my fellow board members but time is a bit limited for me.

    Since this is a large issue this will be formatted into various sections:

    I. Preface / Backstory
    II. Communications – Text, PM, VM / Grievances towards me
    III. Transactions with other members / employers
    IV. Transactions with outside members of “sister forums”
    V. Transactions with the very member that was about the buy THIS kit
    VI. Contact information and Address for Eric Dickerson & Background Check
    VII. Probono Legal Services, Prosecution, Remedies
    VIII. Afterword
    IX. My promise to you – Do not even approach me, or think or messing with me
    X. Updates

    I. Preface / Backstory

    On June 15th 2013 I engaged in a transaction with Diecast for a complete EDC Ground Control Kit for my e92 M3 ( I immediately offered $500 and Diecast settled on $520 which was splitting shipping, since I was picking it up that $20 was moot. This would have put his cost at $500 or below regardless (heavy thing to ship even locally). I elected to meet up with him per my June 24th conversation over text. I proceeded to meet him and he kept complaining that it would make more sense for me to keep driving since he was driving towards me and had scheduling issues so I followed suit using glympse to aid him in my progress and location. I drive 50 miles and eventually get to a spot to meet up off the freeway.

    I then get the kit and put it in my trunk as I was in a rush and took a brief look over it. Everything seemed fine. Then I paid him $500 (forgetting the $20 quite honestly) and Diecast (Eric Dickerson) says the deal was for $650 (this was his original price not the $500 I offered him) I then tell him to look at the PMs, he does, and recognizes that it was $520 with split shipping included, of course I picked it up rather than ship so the $20 is unwarranted. I then explain that the $20 would be eaten up by his share of shipping regardless (his claim of driving out to meet me seems to be standard operating procedure for this guy – Eric you did me NO favors – I should bill you for gas and time) and to be honest I just didn’t have the $20 on me I had changed jeans but that's beyond the point. Diecast said $500 instead that’s fine “at least I made a friend...” -more on that later.

    Fast-forward about a week or two and I get a voicemail stating that he thought he had given me the wrong kit. This voicemail can be heard in the Communications Section II., Exhibit 5 ( He then says that I should send back the kit and he’ll send the other one. Sounds quite suspicious. He then calls me at night drunk, saying (can't make this up) "just make sure she's the one" completely out of context of the conversation we're having (later saying he was drunk at a bachelor party – who calls a guy he sold suspension to on a bachelor party?) and I tell him the more efficient thing for him to do would be to send the other kit with a return label so that my shop or Ground Control could sort it out and I would have the right kit in the end. He then agrees to these terms. I left a message with him stating our arrangement to follow up a day later. He then calls me quickly or the day after (I need to pull the call logs) thereafter like he didn’t remember the conversation. I explain the whole thing to him again and he agreed.

    After that I called him again or he called me (have to check the call log) and rambled on for a good 20 minutes where I literally got only two sentences in (it was like he was on something). He tells me how he worked for Eibach earlier, how he faked his way into being an underwriter, and even before that was doing mortgaged back securities (MBS). Yes, the same subprime instruments that made the economy implode. He told me he was 19 or something then making money and knew something was going to happened and pulled out of the market and sold his house in Yorbalinda and him, his wife, and his kid, lived with his mother for awhile. He told me that he had a hanger filled with cars that I think he said I should come see (yea right), that he had pulled out of a construction project or common scheme residential neighborhood and that he owned two investment properties. This all sounded suspect to me but I thought the guy might be aboveboard. Where there is smoke there is fire though.

    I waited and waited for the UPS box to come and nothing. Followed up with him, no reply. 2 weeks later still nothing. I then keep trying to reach him. I then finally see a thread on the forums that I have my RSS reader alert me to. It is the same kit I was supposed to be getting from Diecast but posted anew. I immediately post on his thread my concerns and to contact me with no avail. I then take it up a step and feel a duty to warn the community of his extremely poor communication skills. I quickly get Ground Control on the phone and had the pleasure of speaking to Donovan to see what state my kit was in. He says “lay it out, shoot some photos and I’ll walk you through it” all to make sure I wasn’t getting screwed. As I’m unboxing the kit I find that pieces of cut up ground control boxes are inside the box I unwrap each piece and set it on the floor. I then proceed to take photos of the entire kit and each piece. I quickly hop back on the phone with Donovan (Ground Control) and he walks me through each part to make sure it’s authentic. I LUCKED OUT. The kit was complete. I thanked Ground Control for all the time and helpfulness then get to thinking.

    What would have happened if I had sent back this kit if it was already EDC-ready? PandaM3 was a buyer for the kit that was newly put up for sale. He once again followed the same ploy. Drive 50 miles, Diecast has a scheduling problem, and waited outside his house for 25 minutes. Where I guess his mother had his daughter. He also had the same problem with me as well “oh well I have my daughter” When PandaM3 finally got to the kit it was the non-EDC version (older v1 camber plates) and was used and abused from what he told me and what you will read directly from him below.

    It is my belief that he was going to take my kit and resell it to another party, maybe even PandaM3, then probably do the same thing again to another by stating it’s the wrong kit send it back and so on and so forth. What a great scam. A good that will never run out? This brings us to now and explains why I had to post this.

    The main way that this guy operates from what I understand is that he befriends you then defrauds you. I’ve heard stories of insurance fraud, repo’d vehicles being stripped before repo’d and absolute horror stories that you will see below. This guy is the cause of many horrible things and sounds convincing. The perfect sociopath, well if he had the ability to not get caught and could pull it off. Fortunately he makes too many mistakes to do so.

    II. Communications / Eric Dickerson’s grievances with me

    Eric (Dickerson), I take you falling silence on your involvement in the MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) crisis as an adoptive admission in my previous post. Thanks for adding to the economy. I also find it hilarious that you would then try to lecture me on business ethics from that. I have already stated my reply to your first post and it still holds true.

    Let’s break down what you have huffed and puffed about piece-by-piece. Your personal attacks on me are actually sad and I feel really sorry for where you are in your life. You’re probably in a very dark place right now. See, people doing business just don’t disappear which leads me to believe something darker is going on in your life.

    “The anger in your replies, can make one only imagine how miserable your life must be.”

    Anger is a pretty strong word. It would actually mean that you emotionally affected me. This is far from true. My life is quite wonderful thank you very much. I don’t understand what anger you could reasonably perceive from my messages. Maybe I experienced extreme frustration or an impetus to find the truth. But then entire time I am literally laughing at you. Nice attempt at an ad hominem, look it up I’m sure you can’t understand what that means.

    “Apology? Yes, that's what we do here in America, when someone helps you out.”

    Wait you mean that you would insult the rest of the world and say that we only in America are the ones that would say thank you to each other? That’s pretty low. Even for you Eric Dickerson. In addition you did not help me out. I was but one step away from getting screwed by you and escaped. Also apologizing when someone helps out? I thought you are supposed to be grateful when someone helps out? You might want to get your reactions and expressions straight. I tried to understand the twisted logic that you have tried to apply to the context of the situation but you sir are, just, plain, wrong.

    “Thinking you were M3 purist, and you feeding me a line, that you are lacking money. I kindly shaved off $250, to help you.”

    First nothing in the PMs that we sent back and forth asked you to reduce the price. I gave you an offer and you accepted. In California we use the UCC Article 2 to govern the sales of goods. You claim not to be a merchant but probably qualify due to the volume of deals/scams you have done and “being in the industry”. Though this is irrelevant for right now. We settled on a price and you accepted. I did not beg or plead with you for a $250 off the kit, this is a complete fabrication on your end. Your kit sat for quite a longtime until I came along and I offered you a lower price of $500. You accepted $520 with shipping being split this would have brought it down to around $500 or less for you after shipping anyways. I gave you $500 cash and you said wait it was $650. Oh, the good old bait and switch. Luckily I had the kit in my trunk already so you couldn’t pull anything on me as I’m sure many will corroborate your dealings. You then accepted the $500 (contract modification with new consideration makes the contract modification valid) and the deal was concluded. I also do not need a writing from you with your signature to prove this as the Statue of Frauds only applies to good of MORE than $500. You did not help me. You inconvenienced me, lied to me, then tried to give me the bait and switch. In fact by getting cash in your hand I helped you become liquid so you’re welcome.

    “Saying "thanks" isn't hard to do.”

    What should I be saying thanks to? Oh, thanks for being foolish enough to mess with me. Do you think that companies bow down and thank each other for reaching a deal on a contract? This is already implied by good faith dealing in contracts with your contracting partner. In fact I think I said thanks before I left just as a nicety. I have nothing to thank you for Eric and especially with the frustration and the time and stress you put me through. In fact I should be seeking damages for lost wages if that was at all possible (not). The audacity you have to ask for a thank you surpasses the realm of sanity.

    “Also, I clearly know the definition of a threat, in which I am sure everyone would agree with me, had I posted some of the text messages you sent.”

    Obliviously you do not understand the meaning of a true threat [continued in next reply]. To satisfy you I have provided every interaction that I have had with you via text, and PM, a voicemail from you admitting your fault and willingness to correct it (which would have lead to a kit that was completely misrepresented). Unfortunately I would be in violation of federal wiretapping laws if I happen to record the drunken phone call you gave me or the one where you talked for 20 minutes and I literally got in 2 sentences:

    1) My family is filed with law enforcement and lawyers and
    2) I will become one very soon as well.

    Maybe that is why you decided not to become my friend and attempt to defraud me?

    Below everyone should find a log of every-single transaction/communication I’ve had with Diecast AKA Eric Dickerson. I knew Eric Dickerson would probably try to state that “anyone could have typed those” or “anyone could have generated that screenshot” Well, you’re right ( That is not the point of what evidence is though Eric.

    First I’ll teach you two things about law so maybe when you try to scam someone else you’ll know a little more.

    1) You must have relevant evidence for it to be admissible. Evidence is relevant if it has any tendency to prove or disprove the existence of a fact of determination in an action than it would have without that evidence AND
    2) If it is relevant, is it what it purports to be?

    So here, I’ll let the community be the judge of all of it. Included below are ALL PMs, Texts, and your Voicemail.

    They're pretty easy to do, behind a phone - Mr. Cool guy.

    First I never claimed to be cool and secondly, Eric I do not make threats. True threats are "those statements where the speaker means to communicate a serious expression of an intent to commit an act of unlawful violence to a particular individual or group of individuals." Virgina v. Black U.S. (2003) (forgive the citations my lawyerly friends) There is nothing in my PMs or Texts to you that even come close to an intent to commit an act of unlawful violence “you better hope” that can have multiple meanings and outcomes. Such as you better hope this forum doesn’t find out about your fraudulent behavior OR you better hope I don’t take some type of legal action which would complicate your life more than mine. I do things legitimately Dickerson unlike you. I do not make threats however I do make promises and legally enforceable ones such as contracts. [See below for every “behind the phone” interaction.] If you are saying it is easy behind a phone are you advocating violence? Tisk tisk…. I would gladly meet up with you but your standard operating procedure seems to be to get a person to drive out to you 40/50 miles then lowball them or worse. I would gladly meet face to face with you and bill you for my hourly time if you wish? I mean what are we going to do stare at each other and waste my time? I would also probably have the authorities there incase you did something, well…. unreasonable and so that you could answer a few questions that I think they are dying to ask you. Oh, I should get my call logs too incase I’m missing more detail. I’ll include that as soon as I have more time to waste on you.

    “I have already received 3 PM's, in regards to you and how you badly represent the M3 community.”

    Feel free to post them, right here and now. Don’t hide behind that keyboard that you love so much Eric. If I have wronged so many let’s hear them out and if so I’ll try to make amends not scam and not run to the next opportunity to prey on the weak.

    “So Again, stay out of my thread. Feel free to make a new one, in the correct forum.”

    [repeated above] In the interest of justice and the integrity of this forum that I have grown to love and interact with people on it I will post it were it is applicable, right here. Moderators and Admins I respect you, this forum and the rules but people need to be made aware of this before they fall victim to him. The evidence speaks for itself but this is almost a guy who’s a subject for a made for TV movie.


    Exhibit 1: PMs Received
    Exhibit 2: PMs Sent
    Exhibit 3: Texts from phone 1
    Exhibit 4: Texts from phone 2
    Exhibit 5: Voicemail

    Exhibit 1: PMs Recieved

    Re: Ground Control Kit - Still available? 06-15-2013

    Originally Posted by DKM3
    Hello [Eric (Dickerson)]

    Is the kit still available. I could offer 500 shipped for it if sold.

    Please let me know either way.


    Eric [DKM3]

    I'll 500 and split the shipping costs with you. So make it 520, and we have a deal.

    Eric (Dickerson)

    Re: Ground Control Kit - Still available? 06-16-2013

    Ok, sounds good.

    Eric [DKM3]

    Continued above

    [Eric (Dickerson)] (951) 703-1109 (please do not call past 9 pm)

    Re: Ground Control Kit - Still available? 06-20-2013

    Hey Eric (Dickerson),

    Yes, it's still available. I am bit old fashioned, and don't deal with PayPal or online 3rd party sources. Sorry. [SUSPICIOUS MAYBE?]

    You can either do a local pick-up (maybe from someone, you may possibly know in Southern California , who can?) or a simple Check or Money orders works for me.

    They're boxed (original box that came from Ground Control), so shipping won't be an issue.

    Let me me know, what you decide.


    Eric (Dickerson)
    (951) 703-1109

    Exhibit 2: PMs SENT:

    Re: Ground Control Kit - Still available? 06-16-2013

    Originally Posted by Diecast
    Ok, sounds good.

    Eric (Dickerson)
    (951) 703-1109 (please do not call past 9 pm)

    [DKM3] Cool!

    Sorry to harass but are you getting any of my messages? 06-22-2013
    Added: Eric (Dickerson),

    I know you were sick are you okay?

    Let me know where/when you'd like me to meet up. Call you a few times and I'm sure you got the series of texts.

    Hit me back when you can. I've got cash in hand today.

    Eric [DKM3]
    [Redacted phone number]

    Re: Ground Control Kit - Still available? 07-05-2013

    Eric (Dickerson)

    Please contact me. I would like to
    know if you have shipped the real EDC kit out to me.

    Thank you

    Eric [DKM3]
    [Redacted phone number]
    [Redacted Address]

    Re: Ground Control Kit - Still available? 07-09-2013

    Eric (Dickerson)

    Please contact me. I've been trying to reach you for the past week with no avail and its becoming frustrating to say the least. Please contact me. I have no clue why you will not.

    Eric [DKM3]
    [Redacted phone number]

    Where the **** are you? 07-15-2013

    Eric (Dickerson),

    Why have you been avoiding me. I NEED THE EDC version that we bargained for. Call me at [redacted phone number]. I do not want to be an $#@! on your thread.

    Eric [DKM3]
    [redacted phone number]

    Exhibit 3: [START TEXT FROM PHONE 1] Eric Ground Control = Eric Dickerson, Me = DKM3

    [6/20/13, 2:37:06 AM] Me: Hello Eric (Dickenson) it's Eric from bimmerpost

    [6/20/13, 2:37:52 AM] Me: I actually live in Pasadena so I don't know how that works for you.

    [6/20/13, 2:37:38 AM] Eric Ground Control: Hi , Eric.

    [6/20/13, 2:39:51 AM] Eric Ground Control: That's perfect. I am only about a half hour, from Pasadena. I'm off the 210, San Bernardino Ave. exit.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 2:57:39 AM] Eric Ground Control: I am going to bed now. Feel free to give me a ring, in the morning.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 12:25:00 PM] Me: Hey Eric - where and when would you be available I'm slammed today

    [6/20/13, 5:15:41 PM] Me: ?

    [6/20/13, 5:16:40 PM] Eric Ground Control: I am available now. I am home with a cold.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 5:17:17 PM] Me: Oh boy studying for the bar over here so I guess we're both quarantined

    [6/20/13, 5:20:22 PM] Eric Ground Control: Yeah. No doubt. So when can you come and pick the suspension up?
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 5:20:49 PM] Me: Are you opposed to meeting up?

    [6/20/13, 5:21:01 PM] Me: I'm extremely limited on time

    [6/20/13, 5:21:22 PM] Me: And I'll wait till you're not sick I can't even risk catching something

    [6/20/13, 5:23:27 PM] Eric Ground Control: No. Not usually. But they have me on antibiotics, which make me feel drousy
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 5:24:35 PM] Me: We'll let me know when you're better you have a serious buyer so rest assured

    [6/20/13, 5:24:49 PM] Eric Ground Control: Yeah, wouldn't want you to catch this. It's really kickin my A**!
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 5:25:27 PM] Me: I'd be screwed at this point for the bar if that happened - stressed enough

    [6/20/13, 5:26:30 PM] Eric Ground Control: I can have my wife meet with you. What day works best for you?

    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 5:27:35 PM] Me: Maybe Saturday

    [6/20/13, 5:28:15 PM] Eric Ground Control: Lets shoot for Saturday. I should be find by then.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 5:28:43 PM] Me: Ok

    [6/20/13, 5:47:15 PM] Eric Ground Control: I received 2 other Pm's. I will let them know, it's sale pending.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 6:12:08 PM] Me: Alright sounds good

    [6/20/13, 6:13:14 PM] Me: Kit is new right?

    [6/20/13, 6:13:48 PM] Me: Which version again? I know gc makes a few

    [6/20/13, 6:16:29 PM] Eric Ground Control: Kit is new. Didn't know they made a few versions. I've know Mark (Owner of GC) for many years. It was what he recommended for my M.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 6:16:57 PM] Me: Cool!!

    [6/20/13, 6:17:12 PM] Me: Mainly a street driver?

    [6/20/13, 6:19:13 PM] Eric Ground Control: Yeah. Also good to know, is if anything ever goes wrong ( which I doubt), I'll put you in contact with Mark the owner.

    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 6:22:13 PM] Me: Always nice to have the inside track

    [6/20/13, 6:22:22 PM] Eric Ground Control: He's a good friend of mine. I have ridden in several E90/92 M'a with GC's. You're going to be very impressed and happy with the results.

    [6/20/13, 6:22:57 PM] Me: Cool I'm running H&R right now wondering how it compares

    [6/20/13, 6:25:21 PM] Eric Ground Control: Never ridden, in anything other then KW V3's, which feel similar in ride quality/comfortability.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 6:30:26 PM] Me: So very similar to coil overs

    [6/20/13, 6:31:51 PM] Eric Ground Control: Yes. G/C has been Around for years. They're the best combo IMO .
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 9:46:55 PM] Me: This is for EDC again right? There are three types of springs:

    Do you have a different sku to find out?

    [6/20/13, 10:15:13 PM] Eric Ground Control: Yeah, for EDC
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/20/13, 10:17:35 PM] Me: Awesome

    [6/22/13, 2:07:15 AM] Me: Hit me up in the later morning let meet around 12 Pasadena if possible or midway - Arcadia?

    [6/22/13, 10:58:22 AM] Me: Hello Eric (Dickenson).

    [6/22/13, 10:58:41 AM] Me: You available for me to get the Ground Control kit?

    [6/22/13, 11:22:43 AM] Me: Just buzzed you

    [6/22/13, 12:58:50 PM] Me: If it's been sold just let me know

    [6/22/13, 1:04:25 PM] Me: Got cash so ready whenever

    [6/22/13, 2:26:04 PM] Me: Hey buddy you alive? Can't have one else Eric in the world

    [6/22/13, 3:56:17 PM] Me: Hello...?

    [6/23/13, 9:33:57 AM] Me: Feeling better?

    [6/23/13, 6:40:31 PM] Me: Are you actually ok?

    [6/24/13, 10:04:35 AM] Eric Ground Control: Hey, sorry for the late reply. We just got back from Hawaii last night.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:04:56 AM] Eric Ground Control: I am available today, if you are free.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:05:01 AM] Me: Ha! I thought you died!

    [6/24/13, 10:05:38 AM] Me: I was thinking you were in the hospital or something

    [6/24/13, 10:05:46 AM] Me: Sure

    [6/24/13, 10:06:02 AM] Me: I'm free for the next hour

    [6/24/13, 10:06:16 AM] Eric Ground Control: Died? Not yet. Hopefully Click here to enlarge
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:06:37 AM] Eric Ground Control: Come on down. I go back to work tomorrow.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:06:58 AM] Eric Ground Control: My address.

    14425 moreno beach dr
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:07:27 AM] Eric Ground Control: Moreno Valley. Ca. 92555
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:08:30 AM] Me: Mind meeting me in Arcadia or in between?

    [6/24/13, 10:09:48 AM] Eric Ground Control: I would if I could. I am unpacking and have my daughter with me.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:10:08 AM] Me: Ah

    [6/24/13, 10:10:50 AM] Eric Ground Control: I just have a list if of too much, before going back to work tomorrow.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:12:27 AM] Me: You're in Moreno Valley?

    [6/24/13, 10:12:37 AM] Me: That's like an hour + away

    [6/24/13, 10:12:57 AM] Me: Both ways

    [6/24/13, 10:12:51 AM] Eric Ground Control: Yes, that's where my house is.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:13:29 AM] Me: Can't do it today then. I though we'd meet somewhere

    [6/24/13, 10:14:02 AM] Me: Was ready on Saturday

    [6/24/13, 10:16:23 AM] Eric Ground Control: I can probably do riverside or Ontario. I fly out to Florida for 10 days, on Wed. For work.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:17:59 AM] Me: 210 and the 57 is the farthest I can go

    [6/24/13, 10:18:50 AM] Me: I'm in a time crunch today

    [6/24/13, 10:19:03 AM] Me: That's why I was trying to do it over the weekend

    [6/24/13, 10:19:01 AM] Eric Ground Control: I have to go Redlands, to drop off my bro. In laws luggage. I can meet off 210
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:19:24 AM] Eric Ground Control: Yeah, but I was clear across the ocean Click here to enlarge
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:19:30 AM] Me: 57 and 210?

    [6/24/13, 10:19:54 AM] Me: Still had service and we set it up for Saturday

    [6/24/13, 10:20:14 AM] Me: So I was a little befuddled with CASH too!!!

    [6/24/13, 10:20:21 AM] Eric Ground Control: I texted three others back, this along with you, about the suspension.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:20:39 AM] Me: Ok

    [6/24/13, 10:21:13 AM] Me: ...

    [6/24/13, 10:21:03 AM] Eric Ground Control: When did we set up for Sat?
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:21:23 AM] Eric Ground Control: I am looking through our previous texts
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:23:10 AM] Me: Attachment: 1 Image

    [6/24/13, 10:22:49 AM] Me: Says it there

    [6/24/13, 10:23:33 AM] Me: And in your post

    [6/24/13, 10:23:41 AM] Me: Might be sold on Saturday

    [6/24/13, 10:25:36 AM] Me: Does the texting frenzy from me over the weekend make sense now?

    [6/24/13, 10:27:36 AM] Eric Ground Control: 01/02:Yes, that's correct. But here is the text following the. "Let's shoot for sat." Text"

    6/20--11:20AM - c
    contact my wife, I have to get as much rest for

    [6/24/13, 10:27:37 AM] Eric Ground Control: 02/02:a 3 day work Hawaii trip. 951-807-7322 - Her name is Sarah. [MORE ON THIS LATER]
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:28:16 AM] Eric Ground Control: Hence why I could not meet with you.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:29:15 AM] Eric Ground Control: I can meet off the 210, if that suites you. Off baseline. Which is 6-7 miles from the 57.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:30:17 AM] Me: Sure

    [6/24/13, 10:30:19 AM] Me: Done

    [6/24/13, 10:30:29 AM] Me: Meet you there in 30?

    [6/24/13, 10:30:39 AM] Eric Ground Control: Ok, sounds good.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:31:17 AM] Eric Ground Control: I will leave in 5 min. Going to load the suspension.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:32:17 AM] Me: Ok sounds good. Take your time don't forget a piece lol

    [6/24/13, 10:33:12 AM] Eric Ground Control: Hard too. It's brand new in the box Click here to enlarge
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:34:08 AM] Me: Cool

    [6/24/13, 10:34:17 AM] Me: Leaving Pasadena now

    [6/24/13, 10:42:07 AM] Me: Click for a Glympse of my location:

    [6/24/13, 10:53:09 AM] Me: Azusa

    [6/24/13, 10:55:42 AM] Eric Ground Control: I'm driving on through the canyon to the 210
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 10:56:52 AM] Me: 210 and 57

    [6/24/13, 10:57:04 AM] Me: Passed

    [6/24/13, 10:59:56 AM] Me: 3mls from baseline

    [6/24/13, 11:00:30 AM] Eric Ground Control: Wow, you're a lot closer then me.
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 11:00:49 AM] Eric Ground Control: I am still in the canyon, 5-6 miles from the 210
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 11:01:52 AM] Me: 1 mile

    [6/24/13, 11:17:43 AM] Me: Click for a Glympse of my location:

    [6/24/13, 11:18:00 AM] Me: Visit that link it'll give my location

    [6/24/13, 11:18:10 AM] Me: Realtime

    [6/24/13, 11:34:40 AM] Eric Ground Control: Just got on the 10, going 85
    -Eric (Dickenson)

    [6/24/13, 11:55:48 AM] Me: Click for a Glympse of my location:

    [6/28/13, 10:37:52 PM] Me: Hey Eric (Dickenson)

    Send me the EDC GC kit with return label on the inside to:


    I will return the non-EDC version you mistakenly gave me and drop it off at UPS.

    We'll talk tomorrow.

    [6/28/13, 10:38:06 PM] Me: E92

    [6/29/13, 12:18:34 PM] Me: Eric (Dickenson). Did you get this message? Please confirm.

    [6/29/13, 1:59:57 PM] Me: ?

    [7/5/13, 12:38:38 PM] Me: hey Eric (Dickenson) did you send the EDC kit out?

    [7/5/13, 8:44:40 PM] Me: Hey Eric (Dickenson) Ive been trying to reach you. its been about a week now and I haven't received any tracking info for the EDC kit you said you were going to send out. What's going on?

    [7/8/13, 10:52:06 AM] Me: Eric (Dickenson) are you alive?

    [7/8/13, 8:45:59 PM] Me: hey can you call me please!!?

    [7/9/13, 7:29:47 PM] Me: eric (Dickenson)?

    [7/9/13, 7:41:26 PM] Me: why are you avoiding me?

    [7/15/13, 3:16:44 PM] Me: Eric (Dickenson) Call me now


    Exhibit 4: [START TEXT FROM PHONE 2] Eric Ground Control = Eric (Dickerson), Me = [DKM3]

    [6/28/13, 10:35:29 PM] Me: Hey Eric (Dickenson)

    Send me the EDC GC kit with return label on the inside to:

    [Redacted Address]

    I will return the non-EDC version you mistakenly gave me and drop it off at UPS.

    We'll talk tomorrow.

    [6/29/13, 3:18:01 PM] Me: Hey Eric you get this message?

    [6/29/13, 7:45:13 PM] Eric Ground Control: ""Hey Eric, sounds good. Hopefully it's still wrapped ip becaize theh the 50+ emails, I think the mugen Bonnet, was genius e ought off [THIS IS COMPLETELY UNINTELLIGIBLE]

    [7/2/13, 6:55:10 PM] Me: Hey do you have the tracking info for the GC kit?

    [7/3/13, 3:39:18 PM] Me: Hey Eric (Dickenson) did you send it?

    [7/3/13, 5:25:36 PM] Me: Do you have the tracking number?

    [7/5/13, 12:43:06 PM] Me: ?

    [7/5/13, 8:45:12 PM] Me: Hey Eric (Dickenson) Ive been trying to reach you. its been about a week now and I haven't received any tracking info for the EDC kit you said you were going to send out. What's going on?

    [7/8/13, 10:52:59 AM] Me: Eric (Dickerson) are you alive?

    [7/8/13, 3:38:18 PM] Me: ?

    [7/8/13, 8:45:46 PM] Me: hey can you call me please!!?

    [7/9/13, 7:29:53 PM] Me: eric (Dickerson)?

    [7/9/13, 7:41:04 PM] Me: are you around?

    [7/9/13, 7:41:16 PM] Me: why are you avoiding me?

    [7/15/13, 3:17:00 PM] Me: Eric (Dickerson) Call me now [after I posted buyer beware I get a response]

    [7/15/13, 3:18:33 PM] Eric Ground Control: I'm at work. Will call after. The kit you have, is the correct for EDC. Verified with The owner of ground control, this morning. So you're good to go.

    [7/15/13, 3:19:40 PM] Me: Why the **** did you disappear? I called GC and Jay (the owner) I want a complete confirmation

    [7/15/13, 3:21:21 PM] Me: I just saw your thread

    [7/15/13, 3:21:52 PM] Eric Ground Control: I told you last time we spoke, I was leaving to Florida. Did you confirm with Ground Control? Because the kit I have is for a non-EDC, so the kit you got was for EDC equipped E90/92

    [7/15/13, 3:22:41 PM] Me: Wait doesn't Florida have cell service the last time I checked?

    [7/15/13, 3:23:17 PM] Me: You put me through ******* and wasted my time

    [7/15/13, 3:23:43 PM] Eric Ground Control: They do, I got your messages. Was planning on calling you, when I got back, as I originally mentioned. [NEVER MENTIONED]

    [7/15/13, 3:24:06 PM] Me: It's a simple text

    [7/15/13, 3:24:20 PM] Me: No excuse

    [7/15/13, 3:24:37 PM] Me: I'm checking right now with GC and your wasting my time yet again

    [7/15/13, 3:24:54 PM] Me: You were going to UPS it to me and you failed to do so

    [7/15/13, 3:25:11 PM] Me: Then skipped out

    [7/15/13, 3:25:17 PM] Me: What the ****

    [7/15/13, 3:24:00 PM] Eric Ground Control: Sorry Eric. I'll gladly refund your money, and pay your gas. It wasnt a simple text. I couldn't get in contact with Brian [WHO IS NOT THE OWNER OF GROUND CONTROL], and I wanted to give you a concrete answer.

    [7/15/13, 3:25:49 PM] Me: You could have kept me informed

    [7/15/13, 3:25:54 PM] Eric Ground Control: You have the right kit, for your car.

    [7/15/13, 3:26:00 PM] Me: Yes

    [7/15/13, 3:26:24 PM] Me: I'm checking with GC right now then. Ridiculous.

    [7/15/13, 3:28:16 PM] Eric Ground Control: I got a returned call this morning. Your kit, is the correct kit, for your car.

    [7/15/13, 3:31:26 PM] Me: Btw there is no Brian at gc

    [7/15/13, 3:32:32 PM] Eric Ground Control: That's the sales rep, who I purchased them from.

    [7/15/13, 3:33:17 PM] Me: Yea the person you said was the owner

    [7/15/13, 3:32:32 PM] Eric Ground Control: The sales invoice should be in the box,

    [7/15/13, 3:33:38 PM] Me: On the phone now with them

    [7/15/13, 3:32:32 PM] Eric Ground Control: He said he started the coilover division

    [7/15/13, 3:39:19 PM] Me: Whatever, emailing GC picture you seriously better hope your right

    [7/15/13, 3:47:28 PM] Eric Ground Control: You need cool it with the threats. I have been ethical with you, since we first spoke, even granting a large discount. If you want to make this all simple, I will gladly give you a refund and gas money.

    [7/15/13, 3:50:52 PM] Me: Threats.. Those aren't threats don't even lecture me on this. You DISAPPEARED for 2 weeks after we reached an agreement. Just hope that your right.and don't give me the large discount thing you contracted for what you bargained for.

    [7/15/13, 3:51:31 PM] Me: Oh and no sales invoice

    [7/15/13, 3:55:58 PM] Eric Ground Control: Exactly, and I also pointed out the concern initiallyi regarding the right kit. I confirmed with GC,
    (with the limited time i have) that the kit you have is true and correct, so don't hit me with "you seriously better hope you're right".

    [7/15/13, 4:08:47 PM] Me: Listen I don't have time for you and your poor communication skills I confirmed with GC and it is fine. Next time have the common decency to get back to someone and don't say it was because of business. Have a nice life

    [7/15/13, 4:09:38 PM] Eric Ground Control: Sounds good, and you're welcome.




    III. Transactions with other members / employers

    Eibach: Eibach confirmed he worked there but wouldn’t comment any further on the matter.

    Ground Control: Ground Control cared not to comment on your behavior but are WELL aware of your antics. By the way the owner is not Mark, or Brian but Jay.

    tr3flip's (forum member) statement: Hey, I just came across this thread and was wondering if you met up with Eric in person. Was his name Eric Dickerson? I used to work with this guy until we had to let him go for multiple shady reasons. He also burned quite a few of his close friends pretty bad.

    Here's a picture [same one below] in case you didn't get his last name. If it is him, [redacted] Google "eric dickerson scammer" and you'll see a ton of posts on other forums he's been banned from.

    It's the end of the road, edick (diecast). I can't believe you're still doing this in your thirties. For what? A couple hundred bucks? Your daughter must be proud.

    Anonymous: [REPLACED - DKM3], Odd your name is Eric too. Ha! But this is definitely him. I first met this guy 12 years ago and have never trusted him from day one. I think he knew better to not burn me or anyone in my circle of friends but he did do a lot of business with a mutual friend of ours (who has filed for bankruptcy) because of him.

    There’s no transaction Dickerson will do that won’t make him come out on top.

    There are multiple threads on the Honda forums, NSX forums and now BMW forums of him scamming people.

    Andy Freeman: (the man you caused the most damage to): I was business partners with Eric years back, and he eventually screwed me over worse than anyone on any of the forums. I contacted banks and gave them clear examples of insurance frauds he had committed, and they seemed uninterested. Had red light camera pics of him with stolen parts, and nothing ever came about.

    He has no criminal record at all? [in the background check]. And no record of marriage? I could have sworn him and Lorelissa were married at one point. [DOESN’T SOUND LIKE A SARAH TO ME]. [D]on't let that background check fool you, this guy has committed more crimes than an entire prison cellblock, but no one has ever been able to get the guy in actual trouble with the authorities. [DICKERSON YOU MIGHT HAVE JUST MET YOUR MATCH]

    Andy Freeman – Extended Official Statement:

    “I could type for days, but I think this shows his patterns and explains partly why he was able to get away with so much.

    I met Eric almost 10 years ago, when he lived in Irvine, CA for a short time. We became friends, and it was shortly after that time that I started up I made him an Admin on the forum, completely unaware of any prior scamming incidents. Things went smoothly for a while, and then one user came forward with a complaint about a deal with Eric from years back, saying he was scammed. I asked him about this, and he at first denied it, but the other party was relentless and finally Eric admitted to one "scamming" incident long ago. He swore it was in his past, and that it was an isolated incident. This buyer was actually reimbursed (probably only buyer who ever got money back, and it was actually me who paid him). Eric didn't change, and it wasn't in his past. He used his power on the forums, the notoriety of his cars, and the fact that he was friends with the biggest names in the import community, to gain the trust of buyers and ultimately scam dozens (if not hundreds) of people over the years. I later learned he even pretended to be me while conducting deals, and I obtained documents with my signature forged from deals he had done. In the end, he ultimately screwed me over worse than probably anyone, and I felt foolish for ever believing anything he said. I was sick to my stomach, and immediately removed him from the site and discontinued any affiliation with him. I spread the word to all my friends, and urged everyone to cutoff ties with him. For the most part, everyone did, and he was ostracized from the Honda community. He then moved on to various other forums (Ruckus, Bimmer, etc.), and just picked up where he left off, just with a new crowd of people to deceive.”

    PandaM3 and Rapture exchange:
    Rapture:Well, sh!t. This guy got me good too. *As a matter of fact, one of the kits he is trying to sell is my old kit. * *_STAY AWAY_*
    Rapture: It was an older, first run (actually one of the first kits) with EDC.
    PandaM3: Makes sense... He kept babbling that he bought the kit new and it only had 150 miles on it. In reality it was an old kit that looked like it had a lot of miles on it. I questioned him regarding the address on the box as it was originally shipped to someone else in Orange County that he claimed to be his cousin or cousin in law. I knew he was making all that stuff up so he actually bought the kit used from you. Make sure he's not telling people you're associated with him whether by business friend or relative!!! In fact he kept babbling that he was good friends with Ground Control and if I bought the kit he would talk to Ground Control about replacing whatever I needed... He seemed to keep pointing out that he was associated with Ground Control and Eibach when in reality that is the complete opposite.

    PandaM3 (member) – Statement: SEE SECTION V. BELOW

    Doe 2: I’ll add them as them come, and I’m sure they will.

    Doe 3: Etc.. etc..

    IV. Transactions with outside members of “sister forums”

    Eric, it seems like you have quite a reputation going for you. These forums are already in the process of being alerted to your actions and I am in the process of giving them as much information as possible to help aid their users in having some type of recourse.

    Other possibly fraudulent vendor posts (currently pending): (the same car that you drove to meet with PandaM3)

    Alias: MOD5 Eng. [Board has been alerted]

    (Traced from your phone number – I mean really that careless? I’d say what you should have done but that would merely empower you.)

    V. Transactions with the very member that was about the buy THIS kit

    PandaM3 (The very user you where going to sell this kit to) (07-16-2013):

    “Originally he said new and sealed in the box, then when I got there and said it looks used he said was only 150 miles then I pointed out that it looks much older and he said less than 1000 miles... It looked more like 20,000 miles as threads and hardware showed rust”

    “Clearly has more than 200 miles on it... It's not sealed and new like he originally said... And the camber plates are the thicker first revision”

    “Guy was drunk too”

    “He couldn't tell the difference between a sway bar end link, a bump stop, and a bushing”

    VI. Contact information and address for Eric Dickerson

    I’ve taken the liberty of running a background check via a personal expenditure for the safety of all here. You’d be quite surprised how in-depth it goes. It is attached or freely available at the link below. I also have serious doubts about your criminal record and will be double-checking that with authorities.

    Background Report:

    As an addition I WILL CONTINUE to look at any aliases (Other real names) that you have used in the past in off-line life and perform a thorough background check to ensure that you haven’t done anything else unjust under another name.

    Eric’s Photo:

    Click here to enlarge

    Click here to enlarge

    Eric, you take up your own google image bar as a scammer.

    Addresses: (two of many – see background report for more)
    28052 Championship Dr., Moreno Valley, Ca. 92555
    14940 Ryder Way Moreno Valley CA 92555

    Black NSX - License Plate: 6VVL753

    Public legal documents:

    I’ve got an application in for your marriage certificate as well as what I’m feeling might be a divorce decree. To see if you were lying about your wife “Sarah”. Depending upon the outcome of that it will lead to me contacting her if she is divorced from you about your actions or if she does not exist see below:

    Alert of Authorities and Intervention:

    When a member met up with you he could not verify that your wife or significant other was in the house to care for the child and you were drunk. Because of your actions and what appears to be a possible substance abuse problem (seemly verified by forum members and your behavior) upon my findings of the status of the existence/nonexistence of your wife it will lead me to alert the correct authorities to look into the well-being of your child, Lesley I believe?:

    Riverside County Department Of Public Social Services; Moreno Valley - Child Protective Services: (951) 413-5000 or (800) 442-4918

    VII. Probono Legal Services, Prosectution, Remedies

    Eric here is my guidance for you: Run and hide Eric, run and hide. It seems like you have good practice at it. The authorities will probably be contacting you and intervening in your life soon enough.

    I have serious concerns about ANY posts that you have made here on this forum. Your one on “your alleged M3” is probably another one of your ploys to gain credibility and try to bolster your post count. You probably ripped it of from some other guy or have a very active imagination. BMW dealerships don’t conduct themselves in the way you described and the procedure that you described is not inline with BMW procedures I believe. A gross deviation like that could seriously cost a dealer its license I believe.

    Everyone feel free to look at his “sympathetic post”: No photos of it? Huh. Odd. And no one ever saw it? Oh and this current statement from a forum member: “That post is a total lie. He has no pictures of the car which is an e92 M3. He saw my car which was a 4 door M3 and he told me his was just like mine. After I told him that mine is a 4 door and his is a 2 door, he then said his was actually a 4 door as well.” Hum…. Kind of gets you thinking. The shame of it is a lot of us spent time trying to help a fake problem. I could be wrong though but I am bring this up as a concern.

    According to certain sources you have no climate controlled garage because it is filled with ****

    As an open invitation to anyone who has ever been wronged by this scammer I will try my hardest to get some legal pro bono work together so that those who have been harmed by his actions and can’t afford representation can recover against him. Even if it is in small claims court it will at least be something and keep him from scamming while in court.

    I will be submitting my findings to:

    Police departments,
    District Attorneys,
    City Attorneys,
    FBI taskforce for cyber fraud,
    the IRS and
    Child Protective Services (possibly)

    Since I’m sure you’ve done scams over state lines and I might know some people interested in you there at The Bureau. If anyone would like to help feel free to contact me. I am not taking part in the unauthorized practice of law but merely guiding people and enlisting the services of those who would like to help. Other boards will continue to be contacted and directed here for a solution to their grievances against you.

    If I had enough time later I would find away to procedurally join as many parties as I could against you, Eric Dickerson, if possible but I don’t have time, right now. That’s not to say I won’t later. I will see that justice makes its way to your front door with correct procedures and rules that you yourself can’t scam you’re way out of.

    I have taken the liberty of listing a few causes of action so that people can do what they want. Once again not encouraging the unauthorized practice of law just letting people understand their rights:

    A. Fraud
    1. Affirmative misrepresentation of a material fact.
    2. Scienter - D knew or believed the statement was false or lacking in basis when she made it.
    3. Intent - D must intend to induce P to act or refrain from acting.
    4. Causation - P must actually and justifiable rely on the statement
    5. Damages – P must suffer actual pecuniary loss
    6. No defenses to fraud

    B. Negligent Misrepresentation
    1. Misrepresentation by D in a business or professional capacity.
    2. Breach of a duty toward P.
    3. Causation
    4. Justifiable reliance
    5. Damages

    C. Appropriation of P’s Name of Likeness (This one is for you Ground Control and Eibach)
    1. D uses P’s name or picture for a commercial purpose.
    a. Must be an unauthorized use.
    b. Does not need to make D any money.

    D. False Light (This one is for you Ground Control and Eibach)
    1. To prevail, P must prove: 1) publication of facts that placed P in a false light in the public eye, 2) the false light is objectionable to a reasonable person, and 3) (if public interest) malice on the part of the publisher.
    2. Widespread dissemination of a major/material falsehood about P that would be objectionable to an average person.
    3. May overlap w/ defamation b/c the material falsehood may damage reputation.
    4. False lights includes statements that might not be defamatory
    a. Ex. accusation of embezzlement = defamation (monetary recovery) and false light
    b. Ex. misrepresenting political beliefs ≠ defamation, but false light

    E. Trespass to Chattels and Conversion
    1. Primary Elements
    a. Deliberate or intentional interference
    i. Intermeddling – directly damaging (vandalism)
    ii. Dispossession – depriving P of possession (theft)
    b. Personal Property
    2. Personal Property
    a. Anything that you could possibly own except land and buildings.
    b. This includes money.
    3. Degree of interference will tell you what tort to use.
    a. Modest – Trespass to Chattels → P entitled to recover cost of repair
    b. Large – Conversion → P is entitled to recover the full value of the item in question (not merely the amount of the damage)

    Consult a licensed attorney before proceeding.

    See next post for CONTINUED..

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    VIII. Afterword – Continuing Log of Activities

    First, I would like to simply say that a log of all of your activities and scams on the internet will be logged and have a resting place whether here, in another section of the forums, or on an independent site. It will be a living document.

    Second, I think I can safely say do not cross a member of this community without knowing that most of us are well educated, competent, have some common sense, are smart, and seek justice. Some of us are adults on here, others are younger adults or even kids that you could possibly prey on. My interest is in protecting all members. Yes we love to have fun and get into debates with each other over even just the little things but we are a community. I hope I have reinforced the strength of this community by showing you that we are not as ignorant as you think us to be. Please find a deep dark hole to crawl into and seek some professional help. I’ve included some substance abuse resources for you:

    DON’T prey on the weak, that might just be a novel idea for you. I am a proud member of this community and will protect it and its members from any threats, including you.

    IX. My promise to you – Do not even approach me, or think of messing with me

    I feel sick even sharing the same name with you. You are not worthy of it. From now on you will be referred to as Dickerson. It’s actually somewhat funny that your first and last name combine to form a name appropriate for this posting and a scammer as “edick”. This almost reminds me of the P-P-P-Powerbook meme.

    If you’re thinking about doing anything rash remember where I come from and my background. I’m sure a small cell and back of a police car would be quite a humbling experience for you, though not a foreign one. I hope you like what justice feels like. Come near me and I will make sure the full force of the law will come down on you correctly the way the system intends.

    X. Updates

    --------UPDATE 1----------

    Just got a text from Dickerson despite my post not to mess with me:

    [7/18/13, 1:15:55 AM] Eric Ground Control: 01/02:I won't make this long text. However, I apologize, for any Inconvenience that this may have caused you. However, I will offer you again (as I have stated

    [7/18/13, 1:15:56 AM] Eric Ground Control: 02/02:to you, from the get-go), a full refund, and even gas money, for you driving half way.


    [7/18/13, 1:20:48 AM] Me: Ha!

    [7/18/13, 1:29:48 AM] Eric Ground Control: Just wanted make note of it, again.

    [Same time] Me: Sure if you'd like to meet with some ADAs, Sheriffs, and the FBI. I don't know where you come off. Just quit man you're caught.

    [Same time] Me: Direct any other contact to me to my attorneys Ill be happy to provide their information.

    [Same time] Eric Ground Control: 01/03:Caught? This seems to boil down too, the question, and making sure you had the right kit (which I Initially brought up). There was no point, to ship you

    [Same time] Eric Ground Control: 02/03: out the other ground control kit, since I had verified through ground control that the kit you purchased from me was the correct one. Maybe this comes

    [Same time] Eric Ground Control: 03/03��ff as being

    [Same time] Eric Ground Control: 01/02:But taking n250, driving up to you, and clarifying the that it was the correct kit - gave me the assumption, of going above and beyond. Also, I would

    [Same time] Eric Ground Control: 02/02:gladly meet with you, with the people you mentioned above - being present, if you would like a refund.

    [Same time] Me: Wow

    [Same time] Me: Get help man

    Comment: I highly doubt he would ever show up. On top of that I will slowly pursue this and see what officials will find an interest in bringing Dickerson to justice for defrauding so many.

    -------UPDATE 2-----------

    Diecast bows out of the classifieds section.

    Originally Posted by Diecast View Post
    Joke? No, they were sold to the next user (who pm'd me) after PandaM3 said he would think about it. Who never mentioned any grief, I offered to even his gas. We left with a friendly hand shake, and that was that.

    Just to clarify, no one was ripped off, scammed etc. here

    I don't personally understand your anger towards me, when I initially did everything, in your favor (including, verifying the kit you got from me - from GC)

    It's sad and a bit entertaining, after partially reading your post, which implies your heavy anger towards me. For someone who claims to be pressed for time (constantly), your post says other wise. Also to see comments like "he seemed drunk". I don't drink, or experiment any type of drugs. There is nothing to hide here, but posting up our PM's says a lot about you. These PM's could have been forwarded to a Moderator or administrator, if you think they were that serious.

    Some cliff notes:

    1) I chose you, outside of the many members here who inquired about purchasing the kit.

    2) As as a fellow enthusiast, I additinally knocked off $250. You're right - you made me an offer and I accepted on the behalf of helping out another user/member of the M3post.

    3) After reading your frustrations. I offered you a full refund (including gas), if for any reason, you were not happy with brand new GC kit.

    Exacy where did I go wrong? Even after the sale was completed. I made sure to contact GC, to confirm that it was the exact kit needed for your M. I know initially, you wanted me to send my other kit, but it clearly made more sense, to contact ground control first. In which, they in fact confirmed you received the correct kit.

    So my offer still stands. I'll drop the pride and say sorry, for whatever made you so livid towards this entire situation.

    Mods or Admins, feel free to lock this thread. I will further more, stop utilizing the classifieds, for selling anything here.



    Wow the justifications are endless and the innocence card is being played heavily here. You happen to also fall under the purview of helping me study by applying facts to law. So in terms of time you're great practice. This is ancillary though. As my main purpose is to protect this community that I'm apart of. You confuse emotions for some reason and try to constantly justify things.

    You did nothing in my favor. NOTHING. You didn't verify anything at all. I DID. With Donovan from Ground Control. There is no Brian to verify a kit with because one does not exist at Ground Control. The guys at Ground Control never heard from you. Ground Control is fully aware of your antics! That's laughable.

    Yes, I'm pressed for time but I still communicate don't I? PM's, Texts, Calls all released to the forum for them to judge.

    And I'll say it again look at the posts from your interaction with PandaM3 in his opinion you were drunk, when you called me you were drunk (at a bachelor party you call the guy you sold suspension to?), you speak like you're using some type of substance.

    1. If it was the next user, reveal this mystery man and have him come forward and attest to your deal. If you conducted yourself so well business wise this should be no problem. Oh, let me guess he's off the forums? Also if its a low post count that might be indicative of an alias you created. Also, you made a complete misrepresentation of a product to PandaM3 and had him drive up to meet you, said it was new in the box then retracted that statement and said it had 200 miles on it when it probably had WAY more. This IS the very definition of a scam and I highly doubt you offered to pay for PandaM3's gas and I'll ask.

    2. Have you seen the post and what PandaM3 has said about your transaction? It really speaks for itself and on top of that you "sold" a kit from someone else you screwed over.

    3. You called me out saying that I was threatening you. I decided to have the populous decide for themselves. Why not reveal all communications if I was so threatening?

    4. You might have gotten away with ripping me off had I put my kit in the mail to you. Listen to your own voicemail you sound convincing but the logic of send it back and I'll send you mine is consistent with a scam. Very characteristic of your past dealings. Just look at the history you've racked up.

    5. Once again not angry just don't like to see a predator on the forums preying on people. There are kids and young adult on here that you could possibly take advantage of.

    Your "Cliffs"

    1) You choose me? Welcome to contracts 101. You need two. This is Irrelevant.

    2) "Knocking off" that $250. Irrelevant. If you had people lining up for the kit wouldn't you have gotten more? Enthusiast or not business is business and that just doesn't add up.

    3) You offered me a refund after I knew I had a working kit it doesn't stop there. From the sounds of the voicemail you finally understood you might have sold me a fully working one. Then you drop off the face of the planet and blame it on business even after you had promised to send the other kit with a return label. Business as an excuse I think anyone here would think it unreasonable to fail to send a simple text saying "your kit is ok" on top of that you constantly lie and misrepresent who you are and who you know and their status.

    4) Where you went wrong: COMMUNICATION and keeping your contracting partner in the dark, and a breach of implied duty of good faith dealing to say the least. It seems that you have no idea of what decent communication skills are. Oh and LYING over and over and over again. Your past and reputation are in line with this. Seek help.

    You DID NOT contact Ground Control at all. Another LIE. They never heard from you over there and I know all four guys now because of this debacle. So for your knowledge to misrepresent who you know next time for your scam they are Trevor, Donovan, Mark (I believe) and Jay (the owner). You kept saying "don't worry I know Brian the owner of Ground Control" COMPLETE LIE.

    You bowing out of the forums or classified is even further proof of your guilt. What guilt? Being a scammer. How? Shady business practices and misrepresenting what you are selling.

    I'll be alerting authorities in line with what I wrote as you have a consistent pattern of harming communities. Do yourself a favor now and don't prey on this one.

    ------------UPDATE 3------------------


    Thank you again admins and moderators for protecting the integrity of the forum without you people like this would prey on our community. Your discretion and judgment are sound and I wanted to personally thank you on behalf of the forum.

    I don't know if DIECAST was fabricating it but I would like to extend a hand to anyone that might have felt wronged by me. PM me or contact me and let's work it out. I mean that sincerely.

    Thank you everyone for your contributions the story is far from finished and I would, with the administrators and moderators permission, like for this to be a living and breathing document. I will and with anyone who would like to assist check into the validity of the "Riverside BMW M3" story that DIECAST probably fabricated. I'm sure they would love to know if they are being defamed.

    Keep the posts coming and if you're from a different community who got screwed by Dickerson welcome (I wish it were under better circumstances) and please post your story. I will try (after a certain test that has been haunting me for the past 2.5 months has passed) create a form for those who have been harmed. They can fill out as an affidavit to be submitted to authorities regardless of the passage of time and how small or large the damages are in terms of money, reputation, or other. That will also be followed up by different law enforcement agencies.

    My only "fear" is that he may still be here in all likelihood under a different alias preying on our younger members and members in general.

    -------------UPDATE 4------------------

    Called BMW of Riverside. Very nice folks over there. They seem to have never heard of anything like this (not even his post about them) nor his name. I smell defamation:


    Four pages of us assisting this guy on a fake problem and probably costing BMW Riverside business in sales, service, and generally giving BMW a bad name.

    Next stop BMW of NA.

    --------------UPDATE 5--------------

    Dickerson clones himself - Uses shell - Alias = Crescent167 = BANNED


    Admins once again I have to lend it to you. Thank you for protecting the community again and I apologize for the work that you have to put in to investigate this troubled individual. Feel free to contact me directly so we may find a more efficient way of dealing with him. Though I'll probably need the proper documents to get information regarding this individual (due to privacy concerns) an open line of communication would be great. You guys are the saviors of the forum and protectors. Thank you for doing your duty.


    Oh Dickerson..... Why do you temp me so. You really try to clone yourself then come on to defend yourself? You try to distract everyone with the idea that I'm all about money and force me to refocus you back onto the problem at hand: THAT YOU PREY ON THE UNKNOWING AND WEAK. Philosophy, economics, law, etc.. I'll go toe to toe with you and obliterate you.

    Dickerson, I gave you fair warning about messing with my community or myself. You haven't just tried to pull the wool over ALL of our eyes by creating a fake alias but have offended us and taken us all for stupid.

    Now you have made yourself my hobby and legal pro-bono work later on. If you're smart you'll stay away from the community. Regardless I will be gathering evidence, public documents, as well and anything and everything that could lead to admissible evidence in an action and cataloging everything you have done wrong/and illegal since the age of 18. Because of this you haven't just motivated me to see that you actually are prosecuted and face civil penalties for your wrongdoings YOU HAVE ASSURED IT.

    I mean really a 55 year old, engineer, driving a 2010 M3, in Oregon? (No offense to any legit Engineers with M3s in Oregon) That's what you claimed to be!? I would say just quit but this is actually sickly becoming entertaining. You are simply amazing practice for reviewing law. I'm not even going to say give up because I don't think you have the self control to do so but at least try. I've got to start a wiki and initiate the preparation of formal pleadings. I'll get everyone you've wronged big or small.


    If I was a 16 year old kid who got his first bimmer (worked his ass of let's say) I would be fair game for you. Do you even have a voice in your head that says "wow I think what I'm doing must be wrong" anymore or do you justify everything you do? You have a KID MAN!!!


    Dickerson to save me the time do you want me to type ---------UPDATE 6----------? It will come (unfortunately) I'll just be curious if you'll actively be the cause of it.

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    Thanks for posting this up and making the community aware.
    Click here to enlarge

    EURO 04 M3 Current Mods:GC DAs, Eibach Sways, PF RTAB's, RE RCAs, INTRAVEE II, Black Roundels, ///MFEST Badges, Depo's, Screen protector for NAV display, VCSL Bumper + Race Lip & CF Trunk & CF Rear Diffusor, DIETZ TV in Motion, SS= V1 Headers + catless pipes + X-Pipe + SS Sport Exhaust, Z8 Starter Button, Lamin-X, OEM CSL interior, OEM CSL Steering, OEM CSL Intake, OEM CSL Roof, MSS54HP + OEM CSL Tune, BBS CH's, LIGHTWERKZ, 355mm ST40 BBK, BW Oil Cooler....

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    Man this is going to take a while to sort through.

    I'm not a fan of links to m3post but if it helps people with a scammer so be it.

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    So, you had the right kit all along?
    A man once said, if you aren't first, you are last!

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    All this for $500 ???????

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    Sticky: Sorry, if you wish you can redact it but like you said I wanted to make the community aware. I respect your decision and thank you for allowing it.

    0-60: No problem that was my main point.

    StinkyM: Yes, though he wanted it back. Listen to the VM. The guy is a known scumbag and sociopath.

    LZH: Imagine if it was $600. It's about stopping a predator that could prey on the youth. See below.
    Last edited by DKM3; 07-24-2013 at 11:24 PM.

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    LZH: Maybe this will explain why.

    Posted by his alias: Cresent167:

    This guy obviously has personal issues, but I tend to stay out these type of situations. Due to the fact, that there are two sides to the story. It may sound selfish, but I don't believe everything I read (a common problem in this world today, especially with celebrities). I respect the OP, for protecting the members here, from potentially getting ripped off by this user.

    One thing that does not make sense to me, is your personal grievance towards this user. Outside of making you drive a bit a further, I don't see the point of your animosity and where you fall victim in your transaction with this guy (and I am no way defending this guy, and personally have no respect for people like this). No dis-respect to you, but from what I read partially through your multiple threads, you received a brand new GC Kit for $500. I just paid $400 just for the caster/camber GC plates. So hopefully this enlightens your day, and makes you realize the bigger problems in this cynical world we live in today. Sorry to come off as some type of preacher, but to me getting frustrated over car parts/Materialistic items in which we are all fortunate to have and enjoy, it's a shame to not look at the real problems this world has. I'm sure this guy will pay for his wrong doings, if the few threads I read about him are true. I truely hope he changes his ways, because Karma isn't something I would think, anyone would want to live with.

    My reply:

    Hey Crescent,

    I tend to stay out of issues as well because as we all know there are three sides: Person A's story, Person B's story, and the Truth. I agree with the not believing in everything you read as I, myself, am skeptic as well about certain things.

    To address your point about personal grievances. I completely understand that you are not defending this guy. My issue is not with driving, nor the money but it's with the real possibility that I avoided getting defrauded (listen to the logic in the voicemail - send it to me and I'll send you this other kit - then follow that up with PandaM3 and Rapture's exchange).

    When it comes to bigger problems I in no way am focusing on $500 or driving distance. These are merely part of the story not the end all be all. If I wanted to I could have paid full tilt or waited for another kit, etc.. etc..

    The money DOESN'T matter to me. It's the idea of people preying on the unknowing or the weak. This is not about material objects (even though this dispute is embodied in one) but about justice and equity (fairness). I wake up everyday thankful for who I have in my life and what I have been blessed with. Many of us didn't decide to be born into the positions that we are in as so many things are predetermined in this life. Many of us here have also worked our fingers to the bone to get to where we are or our ancestors have.

    What I am focusing on, which I believes falls inline with your idea of the bigger picture, is that what if I was 16? What if the transaction was for a car or house that I saved and saved and saved for? In this case I AM looking at the real problems of the world. I'm an advocate for doing the right thing. I am fueled by seeing that people who prey upon others (bigger world problems) meet their match and I just so happen to deal with this with the tools of law.

    Law is but a mere reflection of what society deems appropriate and what society's mores are. I come from a long line of law enforcement so maybe I'm predisposed to it. One day I wish to, for a part of my life, be a civil servant and serve the public. I'm getting there bit by bit.

    I feel extremely lucky in getting a working kit don't get me wrong. I now though have questions about where my kit came from and I'll be talking to the right people to find out if serial numbers (if there are any) are in dispute. THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY but about a person who would happily take advantage of us and messed with the wrong person and community.

    I hope that puts things into perspective for you and makes you understand a little more about me. Feel free to continue the conversation as I tend to enjoy the philosophical side of things.

    Hope you have a great weekend / night / day?


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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by DKM3 Click here to enlarge
    stopping a predator that could prey on the youth.
    Maybe I missed the part about child predator. From the part of your thread I read, wouldn't thief, scammer or swindler be more accurate?
    I guess Eric Dickerson's football pension isn't enough nowadays.

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    Ha love the reference. What I was getting at was with this kind of a lack of conscience he could deal with a 16 year old that just got his first car.


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