This is a comparison many have been waiting to see but unfortunately Auto Express does a flat out crap job in this comparison. What should be an epic drag race is instead worthless as they compare a rear wheel drive W212 E63 AMG to the all wheel drive RS6 from a stop on a damp track. Does anyone even need to watch the race to know what will happen here? Wet surface, twin turbo V8's, and rear wheel driver versus all wheel drive. Why are you wasting people's time Auto Express?

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The RS6 gets a huge jump off the line and that is that. Nobody at Auto Express thought about maybe using the all wheel drive E63 AMG variant considering the E63 facelift does have that option? What an awesome conclusion that Auto Express came to that the four wheel drive car wins a drag race in the wet. Really, a bunch of geniuses working over there.

And how about this brilliant conclusion? "The Audi is the fastest in a straight line. That's great if you live near an autobahn." Wow. I'm sorry, you guys are idiots. How does a drag race in the wet prove which car will be faster in rolling highway speeds or top end? Nobody thought of running the cars from a roll then? What kind of lazy junk journalism is this? To even definitively say the Audi is the fastest in a straightline (twice!) is insulting to basic human intelligence.

Look at how EVO did a drag racing comparison involving the RS6:

In the dry, with data, actually producing something respectable and worthwhile. This video is a pile of junk and Auto Express flat out sucks. Somebody had to say it. Whomever is in charge at Auto Express please fire everyone involved as you can't be taken seriously with videos like this.