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Thread: N54 Greenhorn

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    N54 Greenhorn

    Hey guys,

    Just started getting active on the forum in the past few weeks, used it for good research though before purchasing my 335i over a month ago now. I live in SW FL, and searching for a decent car club to join, lmk if you know of any!

    Here's a pic of the car right after I bought it with nothing but window tint done.

    Not much exterior work done yet, black grille, LED halo upgrade, LED courtesy lights, and BFG G-force drags on the rear. Under the hood it is now FBO with ETS 7" FMIC, ETS chargepipe, and Tial BOV. Also have BMS DCI (white), BMS downpipes, BMS Oil cooler upgrade, and running the Cobb tune. Deposit is in on the new Vargas Stage 2's. Here are only two pics I have of the car right now.

    Seems like a great forum, thanks in advance for any input/help received (I'm sure there will be some as there has already)


    Click here to enlarge

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    2009 335i coupe back to stock...for now

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    Moved to 3-Series -> E9X.

    Welcome, great color btw.
    Chrome Space Bar Issue:

    Stage 2 or 2.5 E9X M3 S65 V8 supercharger kit for sale

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