Good runs here showing the strength of the Porsche Panamera Turbo especially from a stop. This particular Panamera Turbo has a PP-P Performance ECU tune but also 22 inch wheels and a Techart body kit which are not doing it any favors. The BMW F10 M5 is stock other than catless AMS downpipes. In stock form, the M5 is the faster of the two cars but since it is rear wheel drive versus the Panamera's all wheel drive that is a detriment from a stop.

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And the Panamera certainly shows its strength from a stop taking the M5 easily with or without launch control. From a roll it is very close showing just how strong the M5 is from a roll even without a tune. It would be great to see a rematch with a tuned M5. Still, the Panamera's game is clearly from a stop where it is quite strong.