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335i's aren't the best drag car so that's a good thing. 18-20 psi would be a fun ride with an efficient setup on pump gas, no quarrel there. Anyway it's trivial because if you do want more it's not like you're forever locked into having no options. I've always thought it better to have goals in lap time, et, hp, etc than psi though.
My goal is to be able to run whatever turbo I get on low boost (15-18psi) on the road course and have it be nice and responsive and maintain torque to redline, while making 450-500rwhp. On a road course you do a lot of 1-gear pulls, where you pull from say 4000-7000rpm, brake down, and do it again. I generally short-shift at 6000rpm, but in a lot of cases, I'd shift then immediately brake and have to downshift again; not worth the shift time, so I wind it out. But of course, the N54 falls on its face after 6000rpm or so. So I want something that'll keep the boost up and the torque flowing to redline.

More than 500rwhp I don't think would be terribly useful on the courses around here without very serious chassis mods to fit wider tires and significant downforce, so thats my engine goal. I want it to be reliable and consistent at those power levels and not be working its ass off.

So a medium size single or twins would be ideal, I think. But right now the setups just seem too "fragile" for lack of a better term. I want to simplify, simplify, simplify.