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    Sport auto 458, gt3, gt3rs

    Sport auto's review of 458 Italia..contains lap times for gt3/rs/gt2 @ hockenheim and Norschleife....was surprised the gt3 was faster around hockenheim by .1 second and 2 seconds slower at nordschleife. Thought the 458 would of killed the gt3. I dont look into lap times usually, cause i know i will never be close to them and there are so many factors...but id think the ferrari with 560hp vs the gt3 w/ 435 would of killed it. Obviously handling comes into play but it is the 458!

    Also cool how the gt3rs is faster than the gt2 @ hockenheim and as quick at the ring...says a lot about its handling being down 80hp and a lot of trq! Also shows downforce ratings, and shows the Ferrari actually has front end lift??? Weird, cause I thought Ferrari was proud of the amount of downforce the car makes with no spoilers and the trick front spoilers.

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