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    Supercharged 2003 BMW Z4 3.0i (380HP, LSD, EBC Rotors, more) - $18000

    Up for sale is my supercharged 2003 Z4 3.0i. I'm the third owner. The first owner lived out west and drove it daily. The second owner lived in New York, but used it as a weekend car and it saw no snow or anything. I've driven it as something as a mix, driving it somewhere around 4-5 days a week on average, although it has gone without any serious driving for a couple weeks at a time on a few occasions.

    It makes 323 horsepower at the wheels, which comes out to 380 horsepower at the crank assuming 15% loss. This car is faster than any stock Z4M with plenty of useable power at the same time thanks to its flat torque curve (see dyno graph in pics). It's got several other major upgrades aside from the supercharger, but I'll list the basic info first:

    Mileage: 72,5xx
    Transmission: Manual

    Sport Package (More aggressive suspension with lower ride and different wheels)
    Premium Package (Automatic soft top, power seats with memory)
    Aluminum Trim
    Bi-Xenon Headlights
    Heated Seats

    There might be a few I'm missing as I don't have the original sheet, but ask if you're wondering about anything.


    -ESS TS1 Supercharger kit with smaller pulley for higher boost.

    -Variable 4-disc LSD from Metric Mechanic.

    -3.46 final drive.

    -EBC Slotted and Dimpled Rotors + Pads.

    -Hartge wheels 18x8.5" front, 9.5" rear with Hankook Ventus V12 tires. Tires have ~7K miles on them and should last 20-30K depending on how heavy your foot is.

    -Sprintbooster software to improve throttle response

    -CDV delete.

    -Adjustable front camber plates and rear camber arms.

    -Various rubber suspension components replaced with polyurethane versions.

    You'll notice that the exhaust is stock and that aside from the wheels there are no exterior modifications. ESS doesn't call for new headers unless you go TS2, so there's no performance loss.

    Exterior Condition This car is in good condition for a car with 72K miles. It's not perfect: as expected its got a few rock chips on the front bumper and other minor defects--the only really notable one is some marks on the passenger side rocker panel. They were there when I bought the car, so I don't know the source, but it seems to have been caused by pebbles kicked up from the front wheels. However, it's only really noticeable if you're closer than a few feet away (see pics).

    Interior Condition
    The interiors in great condition. The aluminum has some very small marks around the e-brake which are all but impossible to avoid thanks to how soft brushed aluminum is. There's some minor fading on the driver seat from getting in an out, but otherwise the leather and seats are in great condition. One thing to note is that the one of the clips opening up a compartment in the back of center console broke off. It's still accessible, and I just never got around to fixing it. It's a cheap part that you should be able to pop in yourself. Otherwise, it's a clean interior. Floor mats are in good condition, everything works, etc.

    One of the TPM sensors recently died, so the low tire pressure light is on (I checked all tires immediately after and they were all fine). This is really the only "problem" and it's an $80 part. I've always used my own tire gauge to check, so it never bothered me.


    It seems as though I'm unable to post links, so pictures have been attached.


    It's a pretty unique car, without a very well defined value, and again, this will outperform any stock Z4M handily. I'm asking $18,000 based on talks with a couple individuals who've sold similar cars. I've never seen one with a LSD, though, and I think that makes the car much more fun to drive with this much power, whether on the street or on the track. Still, don't be afraid to make me an offer. I can only say no.

    You can email me or call/text at 919-219-4180.
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    This is a flat out awesome car IMO. GLWS, she's a beauty and priced well.

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    Very nice car, love these SC. GLWS
    2011 335is DCT, looking for new car friends in Italy.

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    Great car, this should go quickly , glws
    Click here to enlarge
    ESS 6XX kit

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