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+Rep, you've been a contributor to the community in a positive way so it doesn't matter what tune or turbo you run.
Well said.

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Alright it's most likely not the fuse then. Probably a power issue to the piggy, so far it still hasn't come back. First time it ever happened in 95k miles
I had the same issues before when I ran the Procede. To be fair, it wasn't actually the Procede's fault I think. It kept happening from time to time and in the end I uninstalled the piggy and reinstalled it and the issues never came back. To this day, I suspect it was a bad connection or something just needed to be cleaned up. Happens to electrical connections from time to time. I'd look into that as well. Especially since, as Shiv said, it could have been a bad power connection to the unit itself.

Good luck!