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    BMW 320i - Tramp Drifter / Wifey's TrackCar? / WinterBeater :)

    So, what i have here is a BMW E36 320i, car was originally a 316i with a M43B16 engine that crapped out on the PO and i got it with a non-running M50B20 swap...

    I pulled the motor, cleaned everything up and made a custom M50 log manifold with a top mounted Garret VGT turbo... A/R 0.61, slapped on a M20B25 single mass flywheel, custom ground and lightened, with a South Bend DXD clutch and pressure plate...

    I ran it for a whole week with about 7psi going through, STOCK everything...

    Just slapped that manifold on, bolted that turbo, fed it with oil and coolant and it worked... or at least partly...

    I plumbed it so that the custom CAI was sucking air through a K&N cone filter, into the turbo, from the turbo to a FMIC, from the FMIC through the MAF and into the stock intake manifold...

    This was okay for inner city driving, 1-3rd gear WOT is ok, but 4th gear and 5th gear would really set off the AFR to 9.2:1 and overfuel it to the point it would shoot flames and then it would die and not start again until the spark plugs would dry off...

    *edit* I also noticed that this would happen aswell if i let off the throttle too soon in 2nd and 3rd, probably had something to do with me not having a blow-off valve..

    Then it would idle erraticly, 1500-1700rpm and after a bit of slow driving it would settle...

    So i started troubleshooting, note that i only had a wideband sensor on the car... no ignition map or fuel map... just ran 7psi through the MAF and this worked...

    So i'm now at the point where i reinstalled the stock exhaust manifolds and went back to NA to try to see if this was in any way turbo related..

    When removing the exhaust manifold i broke off the flanges for the head (poor fabrication by me) and am redesigning the manifold and now using stainless steel instead of the stock M50 exhaust manifold flanges...

    I just recently discovered that the 7psi of boost was enough to push the IAC out of it's socket on the manifold causing it to drop the boost in the manifold... and under WOT it would overfuel (with stock injectors) and cause the previously mentioned symptoms...

    I have now geared up with a Ostrich 2.0 Emulator, and a Zeitronix ZT-2 Wideband sensor and LCD monitor, i also have the Boost/Fuel Press/AFR gauges i had before...

    My question for you guys is; have you had trouble with the IAC popping out under boost, what did you do to remedy this?

    And has anyone here used the Ostrich 2.0 for remapping and emulating ?

    I've been looking at CROME software for such stuff as launch control... looks like this hardware has real potential Click here to enlarge

    Thanks in advance for any assistance Click here to enlarge

    Here's a photo of the car;
    Click here to enlarge
    Click here to enlarge

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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by angelic0- Click here to enlarge
    And has anyone here used the Ostrich 2.0 for remapping and emulating ?
    I don't think anybody has...

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