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    Macht Schnell Pulley System Review

    I recently made a trip down to Santa Ana to visit EAS facility and got a few mods done to my car. Yes I know, I thought I was over the mod bugs but guess not. Click here to enlarge

    One of the mods we installed on my car was the Macht Schnell Pulley System. I got a chance to take a closer look at the pulleys before they install it, quality and material are top notched. For those of you who have Macht Schnell parts, Im sure you know what Im talking about! The install took about 1 hour and as soon as I left the facility, the change I felt on my car was immediately noticeable! Click here to enlarge

    I have been running this pulley system for about 2 weeks now with constant redlining and pushing it hard, that's how I normally drive my car. Click here to enlarge The car pulls great and revmatching has never been easier and smoother throughout the entire RPM range. Definitely a good bolt on mod to have!

    Oh and thanks to Tom and Steve for sneaking me in at the last minute, I couldnt beat the LA traffic on my way down but they waited for me. Click here to enlarge

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    Glad to hear they waited for you, a business that appreciates its customers will do that. I've had issues with the traffic coming in from LA as well and shops I have dealt with have always waited for me and been understanding, shows they appreciate the business.

    The pulley is a great mod on the S65.

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