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Another thing to consider is that the BMW Performance bumper offers much improved airflow to the oil cooler, the brakes and the intercooler. I can attest to that because I've had both and I've tracked my car on the same track, during the similar weather conditions with the same engine mods, but with different bumpers. I think that airflow is very very important when it comes to cooling in our cars.

I mean, there are 335i's out there that have the stock oil coolers and the air intake for the oil cooler is completely blocked because BMW installed a solid grill instead of a perforated one. ...and even the perforated lower grill still does not deliver enough because of the fog light being in the way.

When I smashed my front end, I insisted on upgrading to the BMW Performance bumper. No fog lights to block the air, the air dams for the oil cooler are three times as big and designed in such a way that a lot more air hits the stock oil cooler. The air channels for the brakes are also redesigned. Finally, the bumper features built in splitters for better stability.

I have not done any mechanical modifications to improve the cooling on my car. With the BMW Performance bumper and the heater fan blowing on max, I am not able to induce limp mode due to overheating. My oil temps stay at 260F.

I am sure if I switch to a different track and I myself become a better driver, things will change, but that will come in the future and there are other cooling options out there: better radiator, supplementary radiator from the PPK kit, etc etc.
Hm thanks for pointing this out

check out the 130i sport front bumper

... Yeah ducts aren't very big that's for sure lol, half the size maybe haha

Even more reason to go for the er wide body i guess :p