Hey Guys,

This has been a long time coming. My Spec Stage 3+ clutch with the newly developed steel SMF has just come in! Tomorrow it is going for the install. I do not plan to do the most in-depth review, but I have identified a few criteria for success:

1. It doesn't rattle
2. It holds my current torque (around 430whp or so) and what I plan on adding with pre-turbo meth (xxxwhp)

Additional benefits I'd like to hit:

3. Faster/smoother rev matches and quicker throttle response
4. Better drivability around town (I feel like this car lurches a lot, maybe its just my poor driving)

Already right off the bat, I can say the build quality appears to be good. Nothing looks janky, things lineup, the flywheel appears sturdy, the clutch disk is beautiful. That being said, is it $1,500 good? We'll see...

One thing to note: I was told this flywheel would weigh 22lbs. It in fact weighs 23.6lbs. In the grand scheme of things, its not a big deal, but I would have appreciated the lighter weight. The design carries the bulk of the mass in the center of the flywheel and should result in a lower MOI than the DMFW. I am still optimistic about quicker rev matches.


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Stock sound:

This was taken from about 4ft away, ground level, passengers side door. Yeah, you can hear my turbo whine.