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Today i come to you seeking advice on switching to a new car. Currently i own (outright, no withstanding debt) this car:
-2007 BMW 335I E92
-Space Grey Metallic over Dakota Black Leather
-6MT, Sports/Premium/Cold Weather Packages
-38K Miles
-Absolutely perfect exterior/interior (although i have a blemish on my bumper ill be fixing soon, hopefully. Its new Click here to enlarge )

Ive been deeply considering getting myself into a new platform for multitude of reasons. Some of them are:
-Modding BMWs is much more expensive compared to other platforms
-Higher maintenance/expensive repairs
-No warranty on current car
-It is going to cost a lot more $$$ to get the 335i where i want it to be (LSD/FMIC/coilovers/rims/CP w BOV/exhaust/exterior modifications/etc)
-Boredom of my current car being too much of a luxury/soft car
-Lots of more reasons

New Idea:

Maybe its been my long-lived love for STIs, but im starting to think that the newer hatchbacks are what i should be looking at. What i would like to know from you guys is:

1) How much do you think it would cost me to trade my 335i in for a used STI? I really am not familiar with the newer gen hatchbacks or what they sell for used. A quick cars.com search shows that they are running in the low $30ks? Seems pretty steep... Id hate to have to throw in more than $3k or so cash for the trade.

2) Do you think i would miss the power that i currently have?

3)Can the newer EJ25s make similar power for a similar cost?

4) Im not against a harsher/louder ride. Im fairly young and would prefer a firm/planted/loud ride over a cushioned cruiser.

5) Are the EJ25s hard to work on for basic things? Im talking like changing sparks/coils/exhaust/oil/etc. I do that kind of stuff myself and would hate to have a car that i cant work on...

5)Is the STI aftermarket wider and cheaper than the N54 market?

6) Anything that i should know? Personal experiences?

Really just kicking tires right now. Every time i see a new hatchback it taunts me.