Hopefully one of you guys have been through this repair... Not necessarily with just the S85 either.

My question is do you have to complete the Vanos ventilation/bleed procedure after replacing the Vanos Adjustment Unit in one of the heads? If you do not complete the procedure prior to starting your motor, will it still throw Vanos codes for the bank from the excess air in the lines and unit?

The reason I ask is I had inlet and outlet faults on only one bank as well as misfires on all cylinders for that bank. I replaced the unit and solenoids and cleared all my codes. I fired it up and it took some time to fault again but only after I revved it up past 1500 RPM's. Again I have not yet had the ventilating/bleeding procedure completed. I then got both inlet and outlet faults again but with no misfires. I'm feeling confident that I replaced the correct part as my dealer actually diagnosed it. Also upon removing the bad unit, the intake disk was completely stuck. I'm just stuck waiting around for my friend with an Autologic to get back in town so we can run the vent procedure... I'm hoping that this will work for me Click here to enlarge

Any help or advice will help put my mind at ease... Thanks guys Click here to enlarge

Here is the unit I'm describing.. Though If you've done this, you obviously know the part I'm discussing.

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