Users who read this site are performance enthusiasts who definitely like to press the gas pedal down from time to time. We are all guilty of it but sometimes it's how you do it. A guy in a 996 GT2 on the highway runs into an F13 M6 and wants to play, understandable. New BMW with a twin turbo V8 and the Porsche owner wants to see how he stacks up. The only issue is the amount of traffic on the highway and how both guys start weaving in and out.

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They do not hit anybody but on a highway as crowded as this the responsible action is simply to let the other car go. Weaving in and out giving chase is just a recipe for disaster as one can not control the other cars. Best to shut it down and save it for the track or at the bare minimum when there is no traffic and innocent people can not be put in harm's way.

Nothing bad happened here but that does not excuse it. What do you think?