I got my new Spec 2+ clutch and Aluminum lightweight flywheel installed a couple days ago, hoping it would resolve this misfire issue.

I needed a new clutch anyway (ACT was dragging), so I figured what the hell.

I put a solid 300 miles of stop and go driving on it the last 2 days. I wanted to wait it out longer, but curiosity got the best of me.

Decided to go WOT in 3rd. THE CAR IS A BEAST TO REDLINE!!!

No misfire, tach flew to 7200rpm. I did 3 pulls, all of them confirmed that the new single mass flywheel RESOLVED THE MISFIRE PROBLEM.

I feel like I should quote all the people on the last thread that laughed at the idea, said no way it would work, and said it was hilarious and "good reading". Well, apparently, you might not be as smart as you thought you were.

I hope this helps everyone else. I'm sure DZENNO can appreciate putting this long, stubborn issue to bed and it now AK335 can dodge this problem in his build. I bet all the flywheel makers are going to love this post.