Here is a roll on race at the air strip featuring an E46 M3 with an HPF (Horsepower Freaks) Stage 2.5 turbo kit putting out 700 wheel horsepower versus a 997 Twin Turbo that is modified and who owner is claiming puts out 685 horsepower at the wheels. The E46 M3 beats the 997TT down pretty easily so it leaves one wondering if the Porsche is really putting out the power the owner is claiming. In all fairness to the 997TT though the E46 does appear to get a sizable jump.

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The Porsche owner states traction was poor but hey, he has all wheel drive. Modifications to the 997TT consist of a Protomotive E85 tune, modified VTG turbos, IPD plenum, 83 pound injectors, champion intercooler, headers, catless exhaust, GT3 throttle body, and an intake. Check out the videos below one from the perspective of the M3 and the other from the 997TT.