Who's going?

The new location is Westfield Promenade on the corner of of Topanga Cyn and Erwin St., Woodland Hills

Hours are from 7am-10am, EVERY SUNDAY!


Dear Friends,

We have a new home for Super Car Sunday. Putting this back together took a lot of time and effort. If it were not for THE LA AUTO GALLERY, we would not be here today. I would also like to thank WESTFIELD PROMENADE for the opportunity.

At our new home, it is imperative that we all respect the lot. I would ask that we all police ourselves and act maturely. Being at this location is a privilege, not a right. That being said, I retain the right to ask anyone to leave if they are acting inappropriately. Further, any peeling out and you will be reported to LAPD. If you cannot observe the rules, do not attend.

I am so happy to have the community back together, I cannot tell you. I look forward to sharing all of our vehicles and passion for the automobile. Good friends and good times to come!

All the best,

Dustin Troyan
Connected Media Group, LLC