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    BMW M8 supercar based on the i8 back on the table or irresponsible automotive journalism and attention seeking by Automobile Magazine?

    It's difficult to take Automobile Magazine seriously when they just throw rumors out there with no substance seemingly to gain attention and hits. There is no official support for the claim Automobile is making that the a BMW M8 supercar is on the way "come hell or high water." In March of this year official word from BMW was that no M version of the i8 was coming and instead BMW was focused on expanding the "i" brand of cars.

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    So what changed? Well, nothing apparently it is just a rumor printed by Automobile. If the car comes, Automobile can say they were right. If it doesn't come, Automobile can just say it was a rumor. They have an excuse either way but the real question is why is the automotive press picking up on this as if it is gospel?

    An M version of the i8 make all the sense in the world as BMW enthusiasts have patiently been waiting for a real successor to the M1. If the car comes as an M8 it likely means BMW will open up the M1 badging to 1-Series reversing the protection of the M1 name they showed by using 1M instead. Why protect the M1 name if you never intend to use it? Sure seems fitting that for the 100 year anniversary of BMW in 2017 to honor the mark with something special.

    So, maybe an M8 is coming and BMW change their minds. Maybe it is not coming. Either way Automobile gets attention as intended by printing rumors.

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    Audi will sooner release R20 hypercar than BMW real supercar.

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