declred war with noone, no, but declared war on a particular sect, yes. IIRC, i was not allowed to shoot every person in sight in any country ive been to. well, i take that back Iraq in 03 was damn near fair game, however, geneva convetion still held critical points in what you can and cant do in a foreign country. now, the ROE are so inhibiting its impossible to legally defend yourself and not lose a friend in the process. Im pretty sure the US has some fairly specific documents outlining a persons rights as an American. That goes true for no matter physical location they are in. Unless said american meets the ROE at that specific time, it is illegal. take the Major whatever his name is fuknuts from ft hood. he is american AND a terrorist. he should have been shot on the spot, but wasnt, so now gets his due process. should be quick if obamapolitics werent involved, but he gets it either way, as he should