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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by ChuckD05 Click here to enlarge
    isnt terrys car faster than siks by 4-5mph in the 1/4? and there were claims you ran pretty even with terry? no shot IMO
    wheres that race everyone would find "interesting" and let it be known terry was not running nearly the boost he was when he dynoed 520... also the 500hp flex fuel is at the motor im guessing? lol
    At full boost back home on the VBOX I trapped 130mph, and Serg trapped 124mph, but Serg was also carrying Warren and his pass seat. So we think he is in the 126mph range right now. Hopefully with a few tweaks we can get him up over 128mph at Famoso whenever they open up. I would guess with a few tricks and weight loss Wedge could trap maybe 124mph. Wedge when are you hitting up the track next with the new tuning?

    I was planning on racing Sat but they cancelled the track day. Dammit. Won't be another for a month.
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