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upgraded intake/turbo pipes

upgraded twins other than RB(yes I know about Vargas but they arn't released and the more the merrier. It would be great to have 3 options)

fancy new intake mani

reving to 8k safely.

Here is the problem with cams: They will cost at least $800-1200. Labor to install will be what like $600-800 depending on the shop right? So $1400-2000...might as well just buy upgraded turbos. Or you are almost 1/2 way to vargas stage 3 or the shiv's single. They would have to really help to ever make it worth while. Maybe when you are out of mods to do and reving to 8k it may make sense or racing the car where you really need to powerband shifted to the right. All of the money spent on getting aftermarket cams in the head could be put into building the engine which would be a better place to dump $ if you are going for a high hp build. I just don't see it being worth while...Course I could be wrong about all of this...
Plus for cams you need a hell of a tuner.