Ksport ProComp Big Brake Kit
Simply put one of THE best ways to spend money on your car and see instant reward. We can do front and rear as a combo deal or either or.

Ksport's specially designed slotted design highly reduces brake fade and continually cools and refreshes the brake pads surface under braking. These brake systems are designed for easy installation with minimal tools required.

-Unique slotted design cuts down on any pad noise
-Floating disc stops thermal stress
-Heat treated and balanced for best performance

We recommend running cross drilled for daily driven vehicles since they tend to run cooler and slotted for track use.

This brake setup bites and bites HARD. 6 piston (front) with 304mm (12 inches) rotors /// 4 piston (rear) with 286mm (11.25 inch) rotors

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Tons of colors available as well. (some cost extra)
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PM or call for best pricing!