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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by yage202 Click here to enlarge
    Labor unions sat across the table from manglements that gave them what they wanted in their contracts as long as their salaries and bonuses continued to increase at ridiculous rates. They could give a isht where profits come from or who provided them as long as they kept coming.
    This is so true. The unions continue the us against them approach like it is still 1970. Times have changed and they have to change.
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    So I thought about ypour question a little deeper as the thread turned into a union is the problem idea, but it just didn't feel right. Too easy. So here comes nerdland:

    Fromm 2008 to 2012 the executives at your company went from $22 million to $44 million in compensation. The CEO increased his pay 160% while the stock rose 5.65%, which is probably how some of your money is paid out. Revenue is up 4.36% while net income is up 16.8%. I bet you executives are paid on net income. I could not determine if Medtronic is a big union shop, but it doesn't look like it.

    At $44 million the executives are being paid like 440 employees making $100,000 a year. No way they are worth that! I don't think Obama or the unions are your problem, I think the Exec's are looting the treasury with the aid of the board of directors. They are probably off-shoring to increase the bottom line for next years bonus'

    I have an idea for your manglement team Click here to enlarge
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