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    2017 Acura NSX vs. 2017 Nissan GT-R Head 2 Head

    MotorTrend decided to compare the Nissan GT-R and Acura NSX in a Head 2 Head episode or mure accurately release the content now as they had the two cars for their 2016 Best Driver's car competition. In that competition the NSX beat the GT-R around Laguna Seca with a 1:36.36 lap to the GTR's 1:37.08.

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    Close. However, the GT-R is an old platform at this point and much cheaper than the $157k Honda wants for the NSX. The GT-R also is not a mid-engine layout and not a hybrid. Considering this the GT-R should be commended for its performance being so close to the NSX. Oh, and the NSX is on R-compound rubber. With its advantages it is somewhat embarrassing it just edges the Nissan.

    The NSX also is heavy. It got away from the recipe that made it so great. That being an affordable and lightweight rear wheel drive mid-engine sports car with a high revving naturally aspirated motor which is reliable and fun to drive. The NSX now has more in common with a BMW i8 than the original NSX it is supposed to be replacing. That is not a good thing.

    The GT-R is heavier than the NSX but just barely. 3876 pounds for the NSX is not light. The 42/58 front to rear weight distribution means they have the weight in the right spots but a Dodge Viper is not only cheaper but 600 pounds lighter than the NSX. The NSX isn't trying to be a lightweight sports car any longer. It doesn't seem to know what it wants to be.

    MotorTrend actually does a good job criticizing the GT-R. It was once almost unbeatable considering the combination of grip, power, and consistency. However, once the numbers are not all you focus on the remaining package is somewhat dull. The car is heavy, the steering is numb, the engine sound is poor, and overall the level of driver involvement is not what one expects from a true driver's car. It's a Japanese robot with no soul.

    They drag race the two and the NSX gets a nice jump but it can not hold the lead. The GT-R without any fancy electric motors pulls even. If they are going to make a heavy sports car with all drive that costs well over $150k why isn't it faster than the GT-R which has been around forever?

    Ultimately, what we learn is that while the NSX is packed with technology it really doesn't offer much on the GT-R performance wise especially for the money. The NSX also does not offer all that much driver interaction or daily usability.

    The bottom line is there are better sports cars than either the NSX or GT-R today. They just don't come from Japan.

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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
    or mure accurately release the content now
    It has been a while since the last one Click here to enlarge


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