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    '93 E34 heating issues

    New to this forum....hello everyone....

    My car has been off the road for a little while and I just got everything straightened out (head replacement). Also has 240k. It was 32F this morning and I noticed my heater was not pumping out the hot air like it normally used to. It was more warm than anything else. I thought maybe I still have an air bubble since I just filled the radiator, but the radiator is bled and full. I noticed a few other issues as well. Here are the symptoms:

    (1) The top dashboard vent only blows cold air
    (2) Only a little air volume (hot) comes out the defrost, when only the defrost is selected....but I can hear the blower motor running full blast
    (3) Only a little air volume (hot) comes out the floor heat, when only the floor heat is selected...but I can hear the blower on full blast
    (4) When all three are selected (defrost, floor and vent), only a little air comes out the vent and it is cool
    (5) When only the vent is selected, it has high air volume and it is mostly hot, but not as hot as it should be....

    ***blower seems to be working fine

    other issues maybe related
    (1) when a/c is selected, sometimes the a/c turns off (lights go out)....I have been able to get it to come back on by wiggling the fan speed dial and moving the dial in and out a little so I think it may be the contacts in the dial
    (2) on occasion, the blower may stop working at fan position 2 or 3 (can't remember which)....turning it off and on again usually corrects the issue.
    I think these two may be that I just need to replace the controls, but just thought I would add that in.

    I did do some searching first, but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I am a little confused between the blade, control module, and some of the other servos that control different things. Hopefully some of my description will help narrow it down.
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    I think @Itsbrokeagain may be able to help you with this one.


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    I would try to find a used HVAC cluster to start, but more than likely it sounds like the blower resistor took a dump. Unfortunatley the ones for E34s they call it the 'sword resistor' because its extremely long and slender...and its also quite expensive from BMW, I think in the $4-500 range for one, could be more.

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