This exhaust has just been released. There are many more details to come including gains and price vs. the Gen I, but here is what we know so far:

"A lot of people see the "Gen II" and ask. . .what is different about this versus the Gen I unit? A couple noticeable differences include fitment, adjustability, and muffler size. The Gen I piece took some real patience to get to fit correctly, and was a lot more difficult to make it look 100% perfect from the rear of the car. The reason being, it did not have any adjustability in the hangers, which this new piece HAS! That totally changes everything and now this exhaust system can easily be made to fit perfect. Also, the cans are a lot less bulky from Gen I, so it's a sleeker design in my opinion. "

I think the Gen II is mostly going to provide slightly different sound and better fitment. The Gen I provided gains of 12-15 hp for $3,800.

Vids of the Gen II: