September 28th 2012 BMW Corp private event at the Palm Beach International Race Way
Got a chance to drive the 2013 M6 on the road course. This was also my first time ever driving on a road course. Car was driven in manual mode the whole time.

Was fun, handling on corners was amazing in this car. Couple of things I was disappointed in.

•The DCT shifting was dull and not as sharp and cut slice as the M3/335iS DCT

•Steering was too soft for an M car, the M3/335iS steering was much tighter and very easy to predict

•was not impressed with the power delivery from a dig when compared to my 335iS

Now what I was REALLY impressed with on the DCT, other than its handling, after coming to a complete stop, you can release the brake while the car is in drive (regardles of mode). The car does not move foward unless you press on the gas peddle. Wish I had this on my DCT.