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    Wink ..::PSI::.. Vorsteiner 7 Series Collection Available with FREE Shipping

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    Vorsteiner's brand foundation is rooted on their key technological advancements in the automotive industry.

    Vacuumed polymer plastics (DVWP) and high temperature vacuumed carbon fiber reinforcement plastic (CFRP) are commonly used in advanced military aerospace but also throughout Vorsteiner’s product line.

    Key Benefits & Highlights of Vorsteiner Vacuum Carbon Fiber Technology:

    • Maximizes Power to Weight Ratio
    • Decreases vehicle fuel usage
    • Resistance to Rust & Corrosion in harsh environments
    • Exhibits extremely long life even under extreme conditions
    • Low Percentage of resin content ratio increases strength & weight compared to wetlay up production
    • Vacuum compression of carbon fiber parts exhibits more visually stunning looks and uniformity
    • Up to 60% lighter than factory replacement parts

    We are proud to offer the Vorsteiner 7 series collection inclusive of the VR7 Front Spoiler, Rear Diffuser and Rear Spoiler.

    PM or email us today for pricing.

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    It's absolutely sick they have products for the 7. Vorsteiner is getting huge, gigantic really.
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