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    ..::PSI::.. G-POWER Z4M Supercharger System SK I

    Since early 2009 we have worked closely with G-Power on their forced induction solutions for BMW. From custom sand-casted aluminum manifolds to laser and CNC cut brackets; their quality is comparable only to BMW OEM pieces.

    PSI is proud to offer special introductory pricing on this kit for BimmerBoost members.

    G-POWER supercharger system SK I "Sporty Drive"
    Basis: S54 Z4M Coupe/Roadster, 333 hp increased to 440 hp

    Boost level approx. 5.8-6 PSI.

    Components included:

    Belt Drive:
    Ultra stiff CNC shaped supercharger bracket system made from cast aluminum including an extended support-aggregate belt drive for the supercharger´s drive.

    Air Intake Manifold:
    Racing air filter and flow optimized clean air intake with large diameters made from cast aluminum.

    Forced Induction/Intercooling:
    ASA T1 518 supercharger with centrifugal clutch ASA K07 (optional); supercharger lubrication through bypass from motor oil circuit;
    air/water recuperator with front mount intercooler; engine inlet manifold made from cast aluminum; pneumatic, load-dependent boost regulation.

    Engine Modification:
    6 racing spark plugs with modified heat values.

    Fuel Management/Electronics:
    Adaptation of the software of the standard ECU.
    6 x fuel injectors with enlarged mass flow.

    Please PM us for pricing on this great upgrade for your Z4M!

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    Really, really like the design.

    We need to see some graphs for these G-power setups though!

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