Here is a comparison video pitting three very fast luxury sedans against one another from a stop and from a roll. The cars are a tuned W221 S65 AMG (Wheelsandmore Stage 2 tune ~720 horsepower) and two stock cars in a Jaguar XJL Supersport and Porsche Panamera Turbo (with a Techart body kit). On paper the advantage is clearly in the favor of the S65 AMG which has much more power and torque versus either car but is the heaviest of the group.

The Jaguar is overmatched from a stop and from a roll by the S65 AMG as well as the Panamera Turbo. When all three race however the Panamera Turbo owner jumps every time. He does not seem to learn his lesson after the first time and continues to blatantly cheat jumping early. That does not change the outcome however as even when he jumps from a stop with his all wheel drive the S65 AMG is able to run him down and pass. The race from a roll illustrates the power disparity quite well.

One odd thing about the video is the drivers cut each other off instead of staying in their lanes. Just seems dangerous and not all too bright.

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