1. The majority of moderation is handled through the reputation system by the userbase as a whole.

2. Private Messages are intended to be private and not to be posted unless there is a mitigating circumstance. Abuse of the private message system including threatening or racist private messages forwarded to an admin will be handled on a case by case basis by the staff. Depending on the content of the message timeouts, rep adjustments, or bans will be applied. Repeat offenders will have their PM privileges revoked.

3. Multiple accounts will be banned and will put the original account at significant risk of a permanent ban.

5. Spammers are banned, period.

6. Accounts associated in any way with commercial business past, present or future, whether being a relative, employee, or even former employee, will be placed in a Guest Vendor Usergroup at the discretion of the administrator.

7. Users who continually attempt to abuse the system and disrupt the forum will be handled on a case by case basis by the staff.

8. Users taking threads off track to complain about reputation will have their posts deleted and will receive further reputation alteration.

9. Post / thread whoring in an attempt to boost reputation points will result in reputation adjustment and suspension.

10. Vendors are to be respected. Healthy debate and disagreement is encouraged but blatant abuse of our supporting vendors WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Please read and respect these rules. If you disagree with another member please use the dispute resolution system or simply use the ignore function under the settings tab.