All systems go today!

I did the first couple runs without meth on to see what it could do in pure form. AFter that I turn on the meth kit (CM5, 70% meth) to see how it would effect the car.

I didnt get a chance to log any parameters this time, but I do have my dyno scheduled for Thursday, so we can get some good feedback

Launching is still a PITA. BUT! I figured it out. MDM on, 2nd light release brake, mash pedal to the floor and it will do a halflaunch control. All the runs were 2.2-2.3 doing my usual, but the very last run, Vs red stang, i did the above and cut a 1.9 60'

Ill try this again at a later date.

I love having 2 gopro's now, so much better. You can clearly see the difference between the original (rearward), and the gopro2 (front)

Now, as to the performance. Its exactly where i thought i should be. Roughly 118-120 mph. Now, this doesnt seem like a lot to some people, since i was able to run 12.5@115 basically stock (335rwhp DJ dyno).

What is to note though, is that was ideal conditions in February.

After modding (370rwhp DJ Dyno) i was rarely able to even match those times/traps

I went to Atco just a few days before the s/c install just to get a feel for how the car likes the heat in the summer, and the best i could do then was 12.7-12.8 @112 mph

Realisticly, the car will do 11's with tires. It realisticly should do about 120mph in better weather. IF, if it does better than that I would be suprised. Of course this is conjecture, because immidiatly following my dyno next week, I will be going to an upgraded pulley ( .5-1.0 psi more) so I dunno..

Enjoy the video! Click here to enlarge