Like it or not electric automotive performance is a field set to rapidly expand in the next decade. Most of us do not yet take electric cars seriously as a performance alternative to internal combustion but here is an electric hill climb race car that should get enthusiasts to at least entertain the notion of electric performance. The electric E36 M3 rally driver Bill Caswell drives in the video below features a single Warp 11 electric motor for a claimed output approaching 700 horses. At that power level the juice only lasts about 12 minutes.

Caswell seems to really like the power delivery of the car which is no surprise considering the instant torque an electric generates. His main conclusion seems to be the car is fun to drive. If electrics can manage to deliver serious fun factor car guys will respect them. We are going to definitely take Caswell's opinion seriously as a genuine performance enthusiast as he is the one who wrote the "Death of M" article for Jalopnik. He also did not seem to be found of electric cars:

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Whenever I hear someone say "electric cars are the future" I just shake my head and laugh

This car seems to have changed his mind.

We look forward to seeing how this car does at Pikes Peak in August and if it will be able to compete with the internal combustion cars.

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