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Interesting. Did you happen to log any runs with 20% E85? I didnt think you would see any benefit E85 specific map?
I didn't log & I'm about to empty that E85-blended tank of gas. Since I only run Aggressive for weekend fun, I'll try & log this weekend when I mix again. I decided to go with a 20% mix for 3 reasons:
1) It's a conservative mix (not like a 50:50 blend)
2) Would be useless doing anything higher since the COBB isn't calibrated for it
3) Wanted to eliminate any timing corrections that could still occur while even using 93 octane on the Aggressive tune

Since E85 is a lot less expensive than 100 octane, figured I'd give it a try. Butt dyno says the car ran a lot smoother & even pulled harder compared to when I'd mix some 100 octane in