As enthusiasts, we all want to enjoy our cars, and in many cases, get the most out of them. Since the BMW diesels are new to the states, there are limited options for the vehicles. Thankfully, though, there are 3 (that I'm aware of) that provide an opportunity give our diesels a boost.

They advertise gains of 30+ WHP - 50+ft/lbs with VAC module as tested on US spec 335d for a price of $599.

These appear to be before and after gains:

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They offer 2 options:

DTUK® CRD2® Multimap Power System @ ~$435 USD
DTUK® CRD-T - Multi-Channel Common Rail and Turbo Boost System @ ~$490 USD

The first option is advertised as available for most Common Rail diesel engines and improves power and torque by upto 40%.

Their second option provides a bit more control and connects to the turbo boost sensor, providing more finite precision. They also state some interesting gains (at least on the EU models):
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No results on a US spec car..yet.

Finally, and most importantly, is the tune offered by a company many of us know pretty well, and that's BMS (known for other products, such as JB+ and JB3). Terry has worked up what he calls a JBD. This is currently in its prototype stages, but he does have some pretty compelling #'s for HP gains (the dyno that the car was run on was not able to pull torque #'s from the OBDII):

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Terry has stated that the expected price for the JBD will be $279. Any questions regarding the JBD should be posted in this thread:

That's it for now.