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Quick Synopsis
- I was trying to keep everything the same as my 11.647@121.356 run (with 1.590 60' time and using the same, older autotune firmware) I made sure Meth was working this time and ran 11.590@124.197. (with 1.707 60' time, picked up 2.841 MPH with Meth). The temperature difference (according to the dash gauge) was only 1degF (74degF vs. 73degF). The other difference was that I did not inflate my front tires, I was running late so they were running 35psi (vs. 50psi)

Car Details
- Sedan with 6AT
- Rear Tires --> Kosei K-1 with Hoosier Drag Radials pumped to 25psi
- Front Tires --> normal street tire (225x40x18) pumped to 35psi
- Passenger seat was removed
- Sunoco Race Gas (5 gallons) - tank read just a needle over 1/4 full after race gas was added
- Mods/Parts are in my signature below

Chronology of Events
- 2:15PM Left work early, removed 2 baby seats, removed passenger seat, topped off meth tank, loaded the car with drag tire setup and a jack

- 2:45PM headed out towards Sacramento and picked up a 5 gallon can of Sunoco Race Gas on the way up.

- 5:05PM Arrived at the track with a nearly empty gas tank. Poured all 5 gallons of gas into the tank, swapped rear tires and filled out track form

- 5:25PM Passed Tech Inspection and got into line

- 5:31PM 1st Run this is the "AutoTuning/learning run" since the race gas was poured in. DTC = OFF, METH = ON, NO burnout, launched car from 2nd gear 12.446@121.774 MPH (60' Time = 2.181) new personal record on trap speed.

- 5:54PM 2nd Run (serious) DTC=OFF, METH=ON, Launch=1st gear, Burnout=YES 11.590@124.197 MPH (60' Time = 1.707) just set my newest PR for trap and ET. Great Start!!!

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- 6:18PM 3rd Run (serious) DTC=OFF, METH=ON, Launch=1st gear, Burnout=YES 11.797@123.475 MPH (60' Time = 1.668) I shifted a little too early 3rd gear going into 4th gear, after the shift the car kicked back down to 3rd and then shifted back to 4th gear. I think that hurt my ET and trap speed lesson learned, you can shift too early.

- 6:30PM-ish come car broke on the track and spilled synthetic oil all over th right lane it took a really long time to clean up.

- 8:07PM 4th Run (serious) DTC=OFF, METH=ON, Launch=1st gear, Burnout=YES 11.594@123.640 MPH (60' Time = 1.661) I didn't shift into 2nd until 7000 RPM, I didn't shift into 3rd until 7000 RPM, the shift into 4th was good (6400 RPM).

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- 8:30PM 5th Run (serious) DTC=OFF, METH=ON, Launch=1st gear, Burnout=YES just past halfway, the car in the other lane swerved really close to my lane, I lifted and braked, then aborted the run.

(For comparison, there was a bone stock 2009 335i coupe running 13.8X's with high-102.X / low-103.X MPH trap speed - only saw 3 runs, forgot to ask if he was 6MT or 6AT when he came by to visit me)

Reminder of how to use PROcede's Launch Control - get the right firmware
#1 - Push the Brake Pedal all the way down
#2 - When the first Yellow Light turns on, Push the Gas Pedal all the way down
#3 - Watch the Light turn Green, let go of the Brake Pedal
#4 - Hold on to your hats Click here to enlarge

Closing Comments
- My METH is working now after 5 runs, the tank dropped 1.25 inches. With METH working, I picked up
- PROcede v4 AutoTuning works (just takes few seconds at WOT to learn)
- The learned information is persistent after you turn the car off and back on
- The launch control is braindead simple and easy I was a little disappointed that I could not beat my last 60' time of 1.590. I heard a few others saying that today's track prep was not good (oh well, I guess we can blame something). That being said, this was only my 6th time to the dragstrip in 20+ years of driving. So anyone can do the same as me (probably better than me)
- I think there is a high 11.4x in the car, but I think I may need the track prep to be good in order to make it happen (get another 1.590 60' time)
- Future Plans ... I will most likely never run N2O in my car. I feel its too dangerous with a car that my wife borrows and I drive my kids everyday in. I may consider upgrading the turbos in the future. There are so many options today, but not enough data to make a decision yet.
- I really like how consistent the car is ... with my 2nd, 3rd and 4th runs, all my traps are within 0.7MPH of each other (including that kickdown event run, otherwise my traps are within .55MPH - which has been consistent with all my other dragstrip testing days).

I am finally a happy camper I get maximized performance by doing nothing (no datalogging, no custom user settings nothing) load the AutoTune firmware and just go for it.

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Let me know if there are any questions Thanks for reading!