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Thread: BG 44K works !

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    BG 44K works !

    Wife's car, a Volvo S60 T5 model year 2002 300 hp turbo stopped a couple of days ago and was towed to home. There was absolutely no possibility to drive it home, it stopped all the time . We have more cars and a motorbike so there was no problem for her to get to work. The problem with the S60 was it runned VERY bad on idle and it dead stopped as soon as she moved the accelerator pedal.

    Today I was able to start it after charging the battery, and after several attempts I was able to rev it on high RPM but it stopped directly at idle. I injected the BG induction cleaner with the fluid gun in the air intake, before the turbo. After a while it runned well on idle w/o stopping and it also runned when the pedal was moved downwards.

    There was a lot of white smoke coming from the exhaust during the treatment and after 10 minutes of induction cleaner treatment with BG I did a test drive without issues. The throttle body is known to jam on these vehicles and cause this problem. The car is now running well and it is for sure guaranteed to be because the BG treatment. I feel VERY happy I didn't need to leave the car at a shop and that it is works OK again. BG treatment FTMFW :-)

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    I heard that BG treatment is the $#@!! lots of ppl use it on the balt forums
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    I have used Seafoam (similar product) - and it worked very well... I had a 93 and 98 Maxima, both of which had injector issues. After the first set was replaced on the 93, we started to use it and never had a problem up to 100k... On the 98 (although many people complained of injector issues) - I used it every 30-40k, and never had an issue.

    It is fun watching the smoke pour out of the exhaust. Neighbors see a "new" car in your driveway - with clouds (literally - it's like a smokebomb) of white smoke (some/most? is water vapor I believe) coming out.

    It was made for marine engines, but works well in other applications. Haven't done any cost comparisons, just another product I thought I would mention.

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