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    Lutz Performance Presents Active Autowerke N55 Software!!!

    Interested in turning up the boost on your N55? Well Active Autowerke has a solution for you!

    nearly 30 years in the BMW tuning industry, Active is consistently raising the bar in the BMW flash tune business. And this is no different, now available for immediate purchase is the Active Autowerke N55 Performance Flash.

    We have driven the Active Autowerke 135 N55, with the Active Performance software, and needless to say we were impressed!

    Compared to stock the drive-ability is on a whole new level, the car has a completely different feel than the tuned N54's, boost comes in and it comes in hard, and holds nice all the way to red line.

    Now for the good stuff here is some data for you guys to chew on Click here to enlarge

    Key Features:
    -No Piggyback needed
    -Factory ECU Flash
    -15% Horsepower gain over stock yielding 358 BHP
    -22% Torque gain over stock yielding 373 Ft-Lbs of torque
    -Increase of 51 Ft-Lbs of torque at the wheels (mustang dyno)
    -Increase of 40rwhp (mustang dyno)
    -Off Road setup available for cars w/ catless downpipe
    -Completely Reversible
    -Non Detectable
    -Remapping of Air Fuel, Wide Open Throttle, Part Throttle Maps, Ignition maps

    Click here to enlarge

    With N55 Active Downpipe (soon to be released) and Active Performance Flash the following can be achieved!

    Click here to enlarge

    If anyone has any questions or would like a quote please email me at anytime!!

    813-949-3540 ext 101

    Come Play With Power and get your N55 tune today!

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    I didn't realize the other thread, I promoted the wrong one. Oh well, we'll just keep this all in this one:

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