We spend way too much time discussing power and suspension often gets let out. These seem like a solid, although not cheap, suspension option for the E9X's.

Proven on the street and track, this system is unmatched by any other system on the market. HP Autowerk's unique AST dampers matched with our custom Swift springs offers superb street manners and unmatched cornering capabilities for the track. Offering separate external compression(Double Adjustable Only) and rebound adjusters, the dampers can be tuned from street comfort to a full race setup in a matter of minutes.

Not looking for that slammed look? Or just want to retain stock ride hight, but want better handling? We can customize the spring rate and height for you! All other off the shelf coilovers can't do that for you!

We use the highest quality motorsport springs sourced from Swift. Why Swift?

Swift's R & D team created material, called H5S.TW, which is stronger then regular silicone chrome material. Because of this material, we could make the spring wire thinner, and could wind the springs with fewer coils, which greatly decreased weight while dramatically increasing available stroke.

We also use thrust sheets where possible. Here is why:

Thrust sheets provide a variety of benefits to coilover systems. As a spring becomes compressed the coils attempt to distribute the energy by unwinding. This is called twisted force. The unwinding makes the spring rate irregular. By allowing the spring to smoothly rotate around the perch during compression, the spring rate will return to normal. Thrust sheets also help dampening and rebound of struts too. Thrust sheet?s bearing action allowing the rotation of a spring allow the load on the spring to be more evenly Distributed which reduces lateral shock shaft load. Increased lateral load on shock shafts cause a reduction in the struts ability to rely on valves for dampening force.

*Coilover shown with optional helper/tender springs. Please call for specific applications.

*Camber plates are optional, but recommended for best handling performance.

*We stock all popular rates of high quality Swift springs.

*Custom Swift spring length for customers looking for stock ride heights.

*Optional AST 5000 series dampers are available(5300 series shown above).

Applications for E36 and E46(including M3), E82, E90, E92, and E93.

Dampers only:

$1910 for S/A

$2910 for D/A

Complete Coilover System:

$2486 for S/A

$3486 for D/A
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