I like weird content. Not just weird, but powerful.

I like to hear the stories of people that have done things, or been places so far detached from what normal people do that one can even say 'I am the only person in the world that did this'.

Well one of the guys that was extremely hated and essentially shunned by the US government for 4 decades, named James Joseph Dresnok is that guy.

He has a story, a fascinating one.

I will iterate this story to you as I hear it my head, because anyone can go read wikipedia. But, the fact that I am typing all of this will allow me to express more of my opinion than just copy/paste some google searched article.

Joe Dresnok was born in Richmond Virginia where his childhood was difficult. He was poor, and rejected by both his parents during his lifetime. He grew up in random foster homes since age 10 and at 17 he enlisted in the military.

Before he left for his station in europe, he married a woman that he loved and set off for his duty. He returns after 2 years of duty and finds his wife with another lover. If things could not get any worse.

He re-enlists into the military where they station him to the DMZ (demilitarized Zone) also called the 38th lateral also known as the border between North Korea and South Korea.


North Korea is a black hole, for those that are not educated on this country I will run it by quick. They have ZERO communication with the outside world. People in the DPRK (democratic peoples republic of korea) are not allowed to leave by punishment of instant death or death by imprisonment.

So, to protect the DMZ north/south korean border, there are about a south korean/allied troops in the south and somewhere around a million north korean troops in the north where they literally stand eye to eye with eachother day in and day out.

Oh and this border is 2 miles wide and 150 miles long littered with mines.

Anyway, here is Joe Dresnok, pissed off at the world and stationed in the DMZ. He essentially has nothing to live for, so what does he do?

He defects. To North Korea.

Literally, this man runs across a 2 mile minefield into the hands of people that hate americans so much, theyre propaganda rivals that of nazi germany in most cases surpasses it.

He ends up in the hands of the North Koreans. Only to claim he just wants to run away. Eventually, this poor american soldier who turned his back on the US becomes freaking POP CULTURE STAR in North Korea.

He becomes a teacher of english, an actor, businessman and is given essentially more opportunities there than he could ever had in the US.


Propaganda. Kim-Il-Sung was the original leader of the 'revolution' and a firm believer in videography. This 'american' who was literally almost shot dead on the spot has become a legend in the DPRK. He is famous.

Kim-Il-Sung, 'The Great Leader' as they refer to him is the Castro of North Korea. The people of NKorea face death by torture or hard labor if they bad mouth the great leader.

Death by torture, if you bad mouth the great leader, get it?

Ok cool. So who the $#@! cares right?

I find this fascinating due to the following.

This guy James Dresnok who was a nobody in the USA finds fame and fortune in a completely polar opposite society.

43 years, this man has not been spoken to by anyone from US soil. Until they interviewed him 2007. His entire story came out, and I was mesmerized by the dynamics of this mans life.

I'm not smoking crack, I just hate monotony.

Netflix: 'Crossing the Line'

Heres a sneak peak.

P.S. A total of 4 american infantrymen defected to DPRK in 1962, where they lived happily ever after.