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    some more pics on m3post showing the pistons, pistons seem to be in good shape.

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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by atalladega Click here to enlarge
    I don't post much anymore due to time but, I lost much respect for Drew for the following reason; and ok maybe he had to wait for a new engine but he didn't have to pay for it in the end! And he even said used engines were nowhere to be found for a reasonable price, so waiting should have been expected. And I don't think many people know that Gintani reinstalled the 2+ kit for him after they rebuilt the car.

    Anyway, once the engine came in, IF his intention was to stay "N/A" as he claimed (which we all know is far from the truth) then why did he let Gintani install the new/used engine and then reinstall the 2+ system back on the car? Then take it off by himself later without their knowledge saying he wants to stay n/a. Why not just be up front and say "look, I appreciate the new engine and you guys putting it in but I'd like to stay n/a so don't worry about putting the charger back on"? This would surely have saved Gintani the time, labor and money of putting the kit back on and tuning it. Is their time and effort not worth anything? Seems like many people just forget the fact that PEOPLE at gintani wrenched and sweat to put that thing back together and the owners had to pay for that time that they worked. The engine didn't pull a "transformer" and jump into the car and hook itself up. Time, money, labor and parts all went into that which all could have been saved if he was up front and straight.

    It's like if Michael Jordan would have got injured back in the day, the bulls pay tens of thousands for his rehab and salary to where he's top of his game again. Then he tells Phil Jackson and the owners his heart is just not in it anymore and is going to retire. Then two weeks later holds a press conference in front of the world that he's signed with the Pacers and Reggie Miller. Hehe my sports analogy. LOL

    I'm sure Drew is a good friend to some of you guys, hell even Jeffery Dahmer had good friends, but I'm sure all the people who were much more invested in that car feel betrayed and stabbed in the back. People, should they choose to do so, will choose who they support. Doesn't make anyone right or wrong just differing opinions over the situation. In my case I was reading all the heavy data, numbers, and "ESS kissing" highlights that he had to post after his switch, then almost like Deja vu, it stopped much like it did for Gintani. So even as long as a month and a half ago I was wondering where he went as well as his plethora of data. So, I'm not going to come out and say he had a problem with this new engine but it wouldn't surprise me if he did and was staying quiet until they figured out a game plan. Unfortunately, for me his character in my eyes took a hit with all that went on. But, then again who the hell am I? haha

    Sorry for the rant, i'm interning this summer and I'm sensitive to being abused for time, manual labor and lack of money right now. LOL

    OK, carry on. Click here to enlarge

    I hear ya man

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