We are happy to announce a new feature for our users and vendors. We have incorporated a user selling/buying feedback system called iTrader. iTrader will display positive or negative feedback left by other users or vendors who you have sold or purchased from. This feature will help members know what to expect if they choose to do business with another individual.

In addition, the iTrader system lets you set up a buying list. For example. If you are looking for a set of HRE wheels, you can simply add it in the iTrader section of your settings which will be displayed to other members who look at the "Find a seller" section. A member that wants to sell his HRE wheels can look in the Find a seller section and find who is looking to buy what items. This will help both sellers and buyers come together in one place.

To start using this feature, Hover over the FORUMS section in the main navigation bar. Then hover over the iTRADER submenu to see all available options.

We hope that you provide feedback to vendors and other users whom you have purchased/sold to.

We encourage vendors to use this system as well for your customers.

We hope that everyone finds this new feature useful.