View Poll Results: What do you think of BMW going to front wheel drive?

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  • FWD sucks, period.

    38 38.38%
  • Leave front wheel drive to Mini and rear wheel drive to BMW

    58 58.59%
  • It's a good idea, I like it.

    3 3.03%
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    Leave fwd for Minis and government vehicles.

    (Those pics really do say it all, don't they?)

    This is kinda depressing. I was jus about to buy some BMW stock - haven't even checked the price or prospectus, it's just a matter of supporting something i believe in.

    If they use the money gained from the prole market to keep making rwd M-cars, fine. But if those go, it'll be like the freaking lat 70's all over again. I already lost my passion for cars once and didn't recover it til i found BMW to replace the thrills i used to get from the old big-blocks.

    Mind, i'm never selling my e36, it's more a matter of much-dwindling faith in humanity. They took muscle cars. They took vinyl. JUST DON'T TAKE THE M's!!!!!!!!!
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