BimmerBoost is extremely pleased to have the interest of many great vendors from the BMW community. It has become necessary to set down guidelines for vendors and user interaction with vendors on BimmerBoost. We do allow non-sponsoring vendors to be a part of the community and post if the information they supply is beneficial to the users. Accurate and helpful information outweighs sponsor fees in our minds. However, there are restrictions:

- Guest vendors are allowed to post if a discussion contains information on their product that is erroneous or if supplemental information will be of assistance to members.

- Guest vendors are NOT allowed to post links or create threads on their product.

- Guest vendors are NOT allowed to use the PM system.

- Guest vendors are NOT allowed to advertise or make business requests in any way.

- Guest vendors are NOT allowed to harass or disparage vendors who support BimmerBoost or other guest vendors who may support BimmerBoost in the future.

- Priority is given to supporting vendors in all aspects, where to buy products, location in the vendor directory, moderation, posting, etc.

- Supporting Vendors are to respect one another and not engage in any direct bashing/discrediting of another supporting vendor. Constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated but vendors will be discouraged from fighting amongst themselves.

- Moderation priority in a thread goes to the vendor that created the thread. If another vendor chimes in a way that is negative or attempting to discredit the vendor who originated the thread, the thread will be moderated in a way that coincides with the intent of the vendor who created the thread. To make this simple and clear, vendors own threads will be protected from competitors coming in and derailing/bashing.

- Those that blatantly disrespect our supporting vendors will face infractions and repeat violators will have their accounts terminated. Vendors who support BB will have BB's support, across the board. Vendors have the right to choose who may participate or not participate in threads that they create.

- If you are interested in becoming a vendor, contact

- Not everyone will be accepted as a vendor and we will only accept vendors who respect the community. If a vendor has cheated a member, their sponsorship will be terminated and they will be barred from re-applying. We only want the best and in turn want to give our vendors the best. For example, this means companies like Hennessey are not up to BimmerBoost standards.

If a vendor has cheated you, disrespected you, or otherwise not made an effort to resolve a situation to a sufficient level of customer satisfaction, contact

We appreciate you following these guidelines, thank you,

- Staff