First and foremost, I would like the thank CP-E for this wonderful contest and bimmerboost for the great forum! Click here to enlarge Now letís get started.

Contents arrived nicely shipped in the CP-E box. Lots of stuffing to ensure product does not move or get damaged during shipping.

Attachment 594

Here are the downpipes. Quite a piece of art. Nice clean, smooth welds. Attachment 596
Attachment 596
Attachment 597
Attachment 598
Attachment 600
Attachment 601

I didnít have the time nor the patience to install these myself, so I brought them over to a mechanic I met in the forums to install them for me. He has a lot of experience in installing downpipes with over 50 pieces installed. There was no problems with fitment. Based on his experience, he ranks these pipes on the upper tier of downpipes in terms of ease of installation. Installation took just over 3 hours.
Attachment 599
One thing I was wondering was the gaskets. There were no gaskets provided, so I had to reuse my stock gaskets. In hindsight, I should have prepared ahead of time and purchased new gaskets. All other bolts and parts were provided.

Now I have the PROcede v4 on my car running stage 1 (DCI, exhaust). All I can say is WOW. I just expecting only a little bump in power, but was I wrong. The car feels much lighter on its feet. Much quicker spool, and much more distinct deeper exhaust note. 2nd gears pulls so strong to redline. I am so satasified with this performance on stage 1 I havent even tried stage 2 yet! Paired with the DCIs, you can easily hear the turbos singing with all its glory. Only part I was afraid of was the smell. I still have my 2nd cats in but the smell is very liveable. Only after hard runs, and at a standstill with the windows open you can indentify some smell.

I want to thank the guys at CP-E again for this great product!