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Hey guys, yes it was an unfortunate day I broke the plastic stock idler pulley not one time but twice which caused the serpentine belt to shred. I have had problems in the past with breaking the idler pulley so I am not sure if the SC had anything to do with it or not. Both Steve and Mike from Weistec were at the event, they busted their butts for me both before and at the event, a HUGE thanks to both of them. They are awesome and really know their stuff.They are working on billet replacement idler pulleys this week. The good news is that mechanically everything else was very solid and I was putting down consistant 1.5 60 footers which is on par with pre SC numbers with alot less power however now I have the new suspension package so I think with some additional practice I should be able to drop em to 1.4s.
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