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fastgti69 replied to the thread Top Driving Frustrations.
" You hit the nail right on its head. Rep'd I hate them all. "

Today, 02:08 PM

richpike created the thread Top Driving Frustrations.
" In general, since we are all automotive enthusiasts here, I imagine we are all pretty good drivers.

Sadly, that just means we are in the minority.

I try to rarely complain, but I finally had to put together a list of my biggest frustrations while driving

Agree? Disagree? Other additions?

-Rich "

Today, 02:06 PM

AdminTeam created the thread Let's point and laugh at a332524.
" Hey a332524:


Today, 02:06 PM

iuhutch replied to the thread N55 135i dyno w/ Vargas Stage2 Turbo.
Quote Originally Posted by VegasJD View Post
lol yeah thanks i deleted them i should have reported them but i didnt i dont need negative comments on my videos, im the driver ok, my passengers are my video guys im waiting for like 4 videos of runs from last week and the ones i did today racing a 500hp mustang on e85, and 2 from the intial setup, what i dont think you realize is the tune and flash i just got yesterday, i had basic stuff and flash, it also took me over 2 months before i could even back flash my car so its been a lot longer journey to get the car there. It pulled really good in this heat tonight to almost 20lbs boost with meth
A bit melodramatic don't you think? I guess I could have fluffed up my verbiage a bit but my questions in the comments are still valid.

#POP - progress over protection; glad to hear you're getting her all buttoned up! "

Today, 02:00 PM

leonelhpfm3 created the thread FS: HPF Stage 2+ Turbo kit *Lightly used* (<8k miles).
" So that everyone is clear, this is NOT The kit on my M3.

This is the kit off David Liggins 2006 E46 M3 from Seattle, Wa.

Car is being parted out.

This thread is for the HPF stage 2 Turbo kit

Relatively young kit, has only 8k miles on it "

Today, 01:29 PM

alex@ABRhouston replied to the thread N55 135i dyno w/ Vargas Stage2 Turbo.
" Its in the works. Trust me on this. "

Today, 01:22 PM

AdminTeam created the thread Gordontwhite is now here!.
" Gordontwhite, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

Today, 01:17 PM

AdminTeam created the thread Tigger2011 is now here!.
" Tigger2011, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

Today, 01:14 PM

JET replied to the thread N55 135i dyno w/ Vargas Stage2 Turbo.
" ABR - I would love to see some data backing this claim up. In a turbo application more CFM does not always equal more power. You actually lose velocity, but if the head is one of the limiting factors then you can gain HP. If the turbo is the limiting factor, then porting the head if it is already free flowing may be worthless. I haven't seen anyone else try this so getting some info out there if it is a good mod will get you more business! "

Today, 01:13 PM

nafoo replied to the thread BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 S55 inline-6 ECU (engine control unit) already cracked and flashable?.
" When you look at the New M3/M4 it performs a lot like a FBO N54 with upgraded turbos. Don't you guys think BMW pays attention to the aftermarket scene and plans accordingly?

Wouldn't BMW want people tuning their cars to extract all the potential they can? Maybe this slip up was planned?

Gotta stay relevant when compared to American muscle, right? "

Today, 12:49 PM

Terry@BMS replied to the thread BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 S55 inline-6 ECU (engine control unit) already cracked and flashable?.
" As far as I know the F3x ECU has been tunable for awhile via a boot-loader (removing ECU to flash and soldering to it), but I've yet to hear of OBDII flashing for it. I hope it pans out as we're going to need flashing capability to tune for larger turbos, 100% E85, etc! "

Today, 12:45 PM

klipseracer replied to the thread BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 S55 inline-6 ECU (engine control unit) already cracked and flashable?.
Quote Originally Posted by lulz_m3 View Post
Lets be honest guys, people are probably just buying the encryption key from someone in Germany.
@BuraQ, the ROM is really the easy part of figuring out how to flash the car. The ROM is just the data that you are manipulating. The hard part about flashing is figured out HOW to get the DME to accept the modified data...

If I were a betting man I'd bet 100% against you here. I Highly doubt BMW has let the key slip out. Extremely unlikely, if it has, then someone has really fucked up. They are most likely just looking for exploits in the rom with security this high. If the key did get out, they would probably just change the key for all cars moving forward, which is essentially all of them. "

Today, 12:31 PM

Xearom3 replied to the thread Another Custom Single Turbo N54 in the works.
" Small update:

Downpipes/dumptube materials, intercooler piping, v-band assemblies, and air filter showed up yesterday. Kinda took the night off last night, so no progress.

I still need to figure out something on the exhaust manifold studs. The factory ones are too short. I did notice that the intake manifold studs are the same size and thread pitch and are much longer. I'm considering ordering them to see if they would work. Assuming they work, they'd probably have to cut down some.

Any suggestions? "

Today, 12:02 PM

AdminTeam created the thread NOOOOB: BarbR36.
" BarbR36, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

Today, 11:43 AM

Roy Cormier replied to the thread RB's or single turbo with 120k+ miles? Am I crazy?.
Quote Originally Posted by Torgus View Post
Do you have a dyno you can share? I don't think I ever saw it.
I haven't dyno'd it. But a friend of mine has a dyno, so maybe I'll see what it puts down one of these days. "

Today, 11:33 AM

AdminTeam created the thread NOOOOB: PWRLino.
" Hey PWRLino:


Today, 11:32 AM

V8Bait replied to the thread Wedge Flash 9.5 deg FBO 93 OCT Bav Tech Cable Log Review.
" If I charged for every flash I've helped with this summer... so far I've denied every penny (but have taken food/beer/cookies from locals). I would just feel bad charging to fix something charged for.

There's bound to be an Xzibit meme in that last bit "

Today, 11:27 AM

richpike created the thread Dual Burnout - Dually and ATV.
" This is hilarious. I often joke about the Darwin awards - these guys could be front runners in the future.


-Rich "

Today, 11:27 AM

Oxide replied to the thread Alternator Relocation.

Today, 10:55 AM

mithiral67 replied to the thread Warnings to 335is owners and possible others?.
" But I did put the car back to stock and haven't followed up in about a month. "

Today, 10:55 AM